Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Joining the blogging world

Along with my recent shift from "married with no kids" to the exciting land of motherhood, I figured I'd also make the change from blog-stalker to blog-writer. I'm not necessarily giving up the first; perhaps just evening up the playing field. With all of the adventures going on inside this wonderfully chaotic life, why not share them with everyone? The more the merrier, right? For anyone reading, you can share all of the fun and crazy I dish out along the way, get some good laughs, and maybe toss some advice my way (especially since the adhesive on my new "mother" name tag hasn't even worn off yet).

A bit of background might be helpful for anyone new or whom I've been out of touch with for a while.

If my world had a bumper sticker, it would probably say something like "the sweet life." I'm a pretty lucky girl who has a pretty amazing life. I'm married to my college sweetheart (who just so happens to be a hilarious yet supportive guy who knows just how to challenge me and keep me on my toes). I  have a ton of hobbies that add joy to my life, keep me busy, and give me insight and adventure. I love traveling and am fortunate enough to be able to do quite a bit of it. After my husband and I moved to Virginia in 2008, we adopted two ultra-active (and adorable!) Vizsla puppies, who have brought us so much fun. And most recently (and perhaps most notably), we welcomed a baby boy into our loving family. I'll be staying home for a few years to watch over the munchkin. While I'm doing so, I'll be working on the book I started writing eons ago. I'm so lucky that Lauren and I are in a position that allows me to do this. I'm thrilled to stay home and raise our baby, and so excited to finally be free of a full-time job and able to devote the time needed to write a book.

Obviously, my hands are a bit full right now. Brayden turned 1 month old on Monday (see his photos in the gallery!) and I'm still getting used to having another person to take care of. A lot of people have asked me about his birth (and the first month!) so later this week I hope to detail the wonders of Brayden's first 30 days. Until then, I'll leave you with a list of things I've learned over the past month (aside from how to swaddle a baby and what to do when your baby doesn't want to poop for a week).

10 Things I've Learned After a Month of Motherhood

10. Babies are like puppies. 
Cute ones bring smiles to strangers' faces, elicit "oooohs" and "aaaahhhs" and are conversation starters.

9. Murphy's Law is ten times stronger when you have a baby.
Just put a cute new outfit on your little one? Expect spit up, vomit or some other type of mess. Just put your baby down for a nap and are sitting down to eat something for the first time all day? You better believe the crying will start the second you go to take a bite.

8. It's okay for the house to be messy.
When you've gotten two hours of sleep and are carrying around a crying baby, you really don't notice those dirty dishes in the sink. 

7. It's far easier to look good being pregnant then to look good being 1-month postpartum. 
When you're nine months pregnant, looking "big" is cute. Not so much when you've had the baby. You still have a lot of weight to lose, your pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit yet, but your maternity-wear is designed to show off your "cute" bump. Not so good.

6. You have way more patience than you ever knew.
You might think you don't have much, but trust me, you do. When you have your own kids, you find a way to be more understanding, patient and kind. And when you're dealing with exhaustion and fussy babies, somehow things that used to bother you just don't.

5. There's just no avoiding baby talk or getting poop on you.
Both of them will happen. As much as you hope they won't. They will.

4. Raising a baby can be like magic.
Sometimes you just have to figure out the trick. After Brayden spent a few (long) days fussing and not sleeping, we tried out something new. We started a nighttime routine (yep, for an infant) where we gave the munchkin a bath, put him in (adorable!) pajamas, fed him, and tucked him into his crib with his musical lamb. Since then, he's been waking up only once or twice at night to eat and going right back to sleep afterwards. So exciting.

3. The baby-gear industry is insane.
We can't help but laugh at some of the crazy things that are out there. Like strollers with shocks on them. "What's that in our garage?" you ask. It's a stroller with shocks on it. "Checkmate" says the industry.

2. People love spoiling babies and helping mommies.
I'm so amazed at how many strangers offer to help me with my groceries or open doors for me when I've got the little man in tow. Lauren and I were also so touched by how many cards and gifts Brayden received after being born. He jokes that Brayden has more clothes than he does. But actually, it's not a joke. It's very, very real.

1. Sleep. Is. AMAZING. 
It's one of those things you don't appreciate until it's gone. But really, I miss it more than a South Beach dieter misses carbs.

Am I forgetting any? What were some of the wonderful motherhood epiphanies you had in the early days?


  1. sooooo cute! Cite looks great. Good job boo. All those hours on the banner were worth it!

    ...sorry. I know it's lame for me to post on your blog. Seems a little self-serving.

    Whateva....I do wut I wan!
    *waves finger*

  2. As your kids get older you'll learn even more fun lessons. i.e. There's no such thing as child-proofing your house. When something is missing, check inside electronic devices.

    You'll also enact the 5-minute rule. If something has been on the ground less than five minutes, it's ok to give back to your child.

  3. As to #5, brace yourselves! Pee & barf are headed your way, too. The other thing I would say that you learn is that NOBODY can say ANYTHING that really prepares you for the reality of the first two weeks. You must live through it to really understand.
    Adorable blog! I am looking forward to lots of fun & interesting posts and many, many photos. Yeah!!....Robin

  4. All good points and here are a few others.
    - Don't be afraid to ask for or accept assistance (even for us control-freaks). Those who have been there know how difficult it is with a newborn.
    - Don't feel guilty when you need time away from the baby or to yourself. Even if it is to indulge in watching a favorite TV show or painting your nails.
    - Never underestimate the power of a shower. Being freshly showered or having clean hair can make a new mom feel like a million bucks (think of the effects of a massage, mani/pedi and/or highlights pre-motherhood).
    - Know that the VERY best advice is not to take anyone's advice. Every doctor, author and parent will tell you theirs. Don't worry, though, because your baby will quickly let you know which advice works for him/her. And, what works with one child will likely NOT work with another. So, be prepared to absorb as much as possible and potentially throw it all out the window if Brayden sees fit.
    Enjoy. They sure grow up quickly :)

  5. Looking forward to reading more Krystin!

  6. Great additional thoughts! I especially like your point, Kass, about advice. We've already received SO much advice from people and some of it just doesn't work with Brayden. There's a lot of trial and error involved. :)