Monday, August 27, 2012

Mr. Personality

Sure - my little man hasn't even been alive as long as this season of True Blood. But that doesn't mean that he's not already showing off his unique little personality. (I was seeing glimpses of that before he was even born!) He's two months old now and is developing quicker than I thought possible (despite the fact that while I was pregnant strangers seemed to stop me on the street just to tell me how quickly my bundle of joy would grow).

*To see how he's physically changing, check out the "Growing Boy" tab above!

I was talking to a friend of mine a week ago and was telling her how amazing it is to watch someone who is brand new on this planet. Everything he experiences is a "first" and we get to see him learning things that we can't even remember not knowing how to do. Focusing on faces? Following items across your line of sight? Rolling over? We forget that we weren't just born able to do those things. One of the most wonderful unexpected benefit of being a parent has been Brayden's ability to allow us to appreciate all the smallest things of life.

And while our son is bite-sized himself, the personality that is developing is larger than life. Even at nine weeks of age, he's showing off who he is. So what's the personality he's been showing off?

"Take that mom!"

Active. Pretty much everyone who meets Brayden says something about how active and alert he is. You can just see the gears moving with him. Put a picture in front of him and he immediately focuses on it and gets the furrowed brow that seems to say "alright... what's this thing all about?" His physical activity is even more intense. I think he was taking kickboxing lessons when he was in the womb just so he'd have a headstart on coordination once he got out. We put him in the middle of the crib at night and when we wake up, he's turned himself 180 degrees and is pressed up against the furthest possible corner. One morning, I actually caught him moving himself around. He was shimmy-ing his whole body like an uncoordinated dancer doing the worm. It was great. He also moves himself around by kicking his feet off the ground to lift his butt and ricochet backwards. His arms are always moving. His legs are always moving. HE is always moving and grooving. Brayden just has to be doing something (Lauren even says he has a "war on comfort" since Brayden doesn't let anyone holding him sit still for more than a minute before complaining about it). He's not going to be one for sitting on the couch relaxing, that's for sure. He's going to need about eight after school activities to channel all the energy he has. I absolutely love how active he is and am looking forward to going crazy trying to keep up with him. :)

Charming. What a freaking ham this little guy is! He gives all the ladies these adorable gummy smiles already (and even showed his astonished 11-year old cousin that his little boy parts work just fine thankyouverymuch). He's such a flirt. Even with himself. Yes, with himself. One of his favorite toys in the world is the mirror part of his activity mat. He'll lay on the mat for 30 minutes staring and smiling at himself. He gives the mirror these coy looks, practices his "come hither" glance and coos at the handsome baby staring back. We're going to have to keep an eye on him for sure!

Opinionated. Some of my friends who recently have had children tell me how "easy" they are. They sleep wherever, whenever and however. They use their pacifiers and quietly play by themselves. Ha! There is no such thing as "mom's way" or "dad's way" in our house right now (nor do I see that happening in the future). Brayden makes his desires very clear to us. He has this hilarious on-off switch that takes less than a second to activate. He's calm... he's calm... he's calm... he's pissed! Immediately stop doing whatever it is that you're doing because he's simply not going to put up with it. When he's done playing, you'll know. When he's hungry or tired, you'll know. He gives these great "complaint-cries." He doesn't just sound the alarm and start yelling. They really sound like he's complaining and yelling for mom or dad. He is so vocal that Lauren and I can't help but laugh at him. Brayden makes his likes and dislikes very clear. He hates wet diapers (according to multiple people, he fusses more than most babies do about sitting in a damp diaper). He dislikes nipple substitutes. If it's not an authentic, he just doesn't want it. He's screamed and spit out the pacifier every time we tried to give it to him (we've officially given up that offering). He likes music, mommy, daddy and his puppy blanket. The list keeps growing... and every time it does, he makes the new addition very clear. It's very unlikely that Brayden is going to be the kind of guy who holds his tongue and keeps quiet. He makes his opinion known and speaks up for himself. :)

Happy. Just yesterday, Lauren told me that seeing Brayden smile is literally his favorite thing in the world right now. You just can NOT help but smile back when you see this little guy light up his eyes and show off that gummy grin. And thankfully for us, Brayden smiles SO often. He is such a happy little boy. He might be opinionated and tell us when he's not happy about something, but that doesn't happen nearly as often as Brayden laughing and showing off his smile-inducing grin. He lays on his changing table and laughs at us. He lays on the floor and laughs at himself (in the mirror). He lays in his pack-and-play and smiles at anyone walking by. He plays with his toys and has a ball. He cuddles on mama's shoulder and smiles to himself. He dances with daddy with glee. He is just so freaking happy. With everything inside me, I hope that never goes away for him. He's going to be an optimist who just loves life.

He's just always smiling! :)

Maybe it's because his personality is so vibrant and dynamic... but Brayden is really making it clear to everyone who meets him exactly who he is. I love watching him grow and seeing all the new facets of his personality. It's crazy it's only been two months. I can't even imagine what will happen in the next two.


  1. Wow! What a cutie! I agree that kids show off their personalities at a very early age - even inside the womb sometimes. It's such fun to see them developing all of their unique traits. Brayden sounds like so much fun.

  2. My favorite, guaranteed smile is the "good morning."

    Every morning, Brayden let's us know that he is awake and bored with those complaining cries that he gives. And when we finally go in to see him, mom says "gooood morning!" in the happy sunshine way that she does. Brayden lights up like a Christmas tree every time.

    I've even started saying "good morning" at random times of the day just to elicit the same response. But nobody does it like Mama.