Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spitting Images and Crafty Creations

We're creeping up on the eight week mark with our little man. He's doing just awesome and is really keeping us on our toes. Brayden has been kind enough to make a breast-milk conditioner for me, and to give Lauren regular concerts each week (his voice is just superb!). He is such a happy baby - which makes for a happy mommy and daddy. I can't really ask for more than that (although admittedly, a little bit sleep sure would be nice!).

The Spitting Image Part

Over the last few weeks, we've had an influx of people (strangers, neighbors and friends, oh my!) tell us who Brayden looks like. Some tell me he looks "just like" me while others say he's the spitting image of his handsome  daddy. My own father recently told me a great story about when he was first a parent. Evidently, he and my mother were walking down the street with their first born when some lady approached them and said "Wow! Your baby is just beautiful! ... Is she adopted?" Ouch. Very, very ouch. Hopefully, no one will send those types of comments our way, but if you feel the urge, please direct them to Lauren.

Thus, the question of the day is: Who does our little man resemble more? I've heard that it changes over time, and one month a baby will look like one parent, while the next month he or she may look like the other. Since I'm new to the parenting game, I have no frame of reference. But I'd love to hear who our adorable baby looks like. A whole new game of bragging rights will thus ensue between Lauren and I.

Below, you're looking at baby Krystin and really young baby Lauren. Any striking similarities?

The Crafty Creations Part
Since I'm one of those artsy-type people, I've had way more baby project ideas than a person could  complete in his or her lifetime. I did finish two smaller things, however, and they will most likely end up in a scrapbook for the little guy.

The first is a "hopes for baby" card from both me and Lauren. We're completing sentences that tell Brayden what we hope for him in the future ("I hope you learn..., I hope you find joy..., I hope you become..., I hope you laugh..., I hope you aren't afraid of...", etc.). It'll be interesting to see how our answers compare!

Since I still have the image I created on my computer for this, any moms who want me to sub in their child's name and email them a printable image of it, just send me a note and I'll be happy to do so!

The other thing I wanted to do was track some fun information about Brayden for his first year. I made these monthly cards that ask about things like nicknames (those seem to change pretty frequently around these parts), and favorite books and activities. There are also places for size and development notes. Since down the road I may not remember that Lauren called Brayden "tree frog" or that at the one month mark, he had  started showing off his irresistible smile, the cards were a concise (and colorful!) way of tracking some of those fun notes.

What were some of the fun baby projects you've seen or done? I hear there's a plethora of ideas on Pinterest, but my boycott of the site forbids me to check it out.


  1. A little hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks like Brayden has mommy's eyes and daddy's nose. The shape of the face goes to mama as well. He's a good mix of both of you though!

  2. You guys have adorable baby pictures. Your little guy looks like both of you! Maybe just a touch more like daddy though.

    1. Anonymous? How am I supposed to brag about this, when I don't know the source of the information?

      ...I should go Will McAvoy on this problem and SINGLE-HANDEDLY FIX THE INTERNET!

  3. My parents told me I was a cute baby. I feel like they lied to me. It literally looks like I'm wearing a shrunken version of my dad's (bald) head.

    Congratulations to Brayden on not having a shrunken version of his father's head (or his grandfather's for that matter).

    1. That's just because your hair was so light. You were an adorable baby and women could hardly keep their hands off of you. There are plenty of photos here showing you as the cute baby you really were. (There are also photos of you being a total pain in the a**.)

  4. My vote goes to Mama. Same shape eyes and face. Adorable!