Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dear Sleeping Babies...

I see and hear about you often. You're the adorable snuggly babies who photographers can pose any way they want. You slumber on soundly while you're stuffed inside country baskets and firemen's hats - never stirring at even the most outrageous handling. (Aren't you just adorable in that open-weave strawberry hat?)

You understand that sleep is, well, awesome, and you're more than happy to take regular vacations to the Land of Nod. You do the obvious - sleep when you are tired. You gently drift off at night and find daytime naps just lovely.

My darling son seems to have missed the conference you all held where you explained exactly why sleep is amazing and how to go about doing it. (I'm not sure how this happened, since clearly he didn't sleep through the meeting.) I've had trouble admitting this so far, but the stone cold truth is that my son is a non-sleeper. He simply abhors it. He would rather be flashing my dogs his gummy smile, giggling at Mommy's crazy antics, or exploring the world via his oral cavity.

Brayden simply has much better, much more exciting things to do than sleep thankyouverymuch. For heavens sake, mother, something might happen while he's asleep. And that, as we all know, would be a travesty. So he resorts to basic instinct - fight or flight. He either fights sleep with everything he has, or he runs from it. There's not really much of a third option here.

So babies, please tell me - is there an off switch I haven't found yet? A magic word perhaps? Or is it just about ratios - with only a certain percentage of babies allowed to sleep at any given time? If that's the case, I beg of you to get your hands on an espresso so my munchkin (any myself) can have our turn.

I sincerely love my baby's enthusiasm for life. His vigor, excitement and active nature are some of my favorite things about this firecracker. I just wish that occasionally, the traits would take a (decaffeinated) coffee break.

Very Tired in Virginia


  1. girl. that was Charlotte! NON sleeper for sure. Lena is too young to put a label on, but Charlotte was tough from the start. www.troublesometots.com has great tips and helpful hints. hang in there. at least he's happy?? :)

  2. Hahaha... that's a resounding YES. Whenever I finally give up at putting him down for a nap and take him out of his crib/carrier, etc., he gets all smiley and excited.

    Thanks for the website tip. I will DEFINITELY be checking it out (at four in the morning... while trying to get him to sleep for the fourth time)

  3. Dear sleeping babies...

    Do your parents have to walk you in your carrier for an hour each time you go to sleep? If so, why? They saw you yawn and they saw you rubbing your eyes not 5 minutes before.

    Also, after that hour - when you finally close your eyes - do you wake up 30 minutes later, and demand more walking? Is this because you like Popeye and you want your parents to resemble him as much as possible?

    Mission accomplished.