Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Don't set your clock by him

My husband and I always known when it's 7:00 p.m. Not because we can tell time by the sun's position (although that would be sweet) or because we're just awesome (although we are). We can tell because we feed our dogs at 7:00... and at 6:59, one of our dogs goes and lays by her food bowl. She has the most insane internal clock. She even watches out the window for Lauren to come home from work each day around the same time.

In short, our dog = reliable time-keeper, reliable schedule. Our baby? (Insert laugh here) Although our household is making progress on the sleep-habits front, the little guy sure is putting up the good fight. Brayden crosses enemy lines often and has broken his father more than once. He comes equipped with a great set of lungs and a propensity for psychological warfare (is he sleeping? is he not? is he going to wake up any second and start screaming?). I'd hate for him to face a lesser opponent.

At three months, Brayden is doing pretty good at night (We'll ignore last night's fiasco since that was just a comedy of sleepless errors). He goes down for about 10-11 hours in his crib and wakes up just once or twice to eat (and goes right back to sleep). We really can't complain much there - especially after hearing stories from some of our neighbors about their own guerrilla tactics. (Exhibit A: One family had to place their pack-n-play next to their bed, place their daughter in a bouncer and place the bouncer in the pack-in-play. A ribbon was then tied to the bouncer so when their daughter woke up, they could just pull the ribbon to bounce her back to sleep. Exhibit B: A couple kept a vacuum in their room because it put the baby to sleep. They would turn it on every time the baby woke up in the night.)

His nights are fairly orderly, but during the day is a completely different monster. Brayden's naps aren't quite regular yet and he still enjoys fighting them with everything he has ("I will NOT be put to sleep. I will NOT miss a single moment! Something EXCITING could happen!"). He can only get to sleep during the day being rocked in his carseat and then ever-so-gently put down. A bit annoying? Sure. A bit necessary? You bet. He's only three months old and the whole rocking-to-sleep is a common card in the infant deck. Every week he gets a bit older and a bit better at soothing himself. Progress is slow, but it's there. We'll see where we're at in another month or two. For now, I'm not going to trouble myself about his naps. He gets what he needs during the day - even if it is a bit annoying for the parental units.

Unfortunately, his choppy nap schedule means I have an unreliable day myself. I am certainly not one of those lucky moms whose infant is on a schedule and can plan on, you know, doing stuff. We're on a routine, sure. But the times of each event vary quite a bit from day to day. With that in mind, I decided to check in with baby boy every day around noon for a quick picture to see what he was up to. (I figure this game will be much more exciting when he's a toddler getting into all kinds of colorful trouble!)

Now Showing: Brayden @ Noon EST
Below are the shots from the past seven days. The only rule I had was to take a picture (or eight) everyday around noon (give or take 15 minutes). So here's a cross-section of my baby boy's noon-time fun. He's such a sweetheart! :)

Wednesday, September 26
12:04 p.m.: Zoning out on the changing table.

Thursday, September 27
12:09 p.m.: Having fun in his crib. The middle picture makes me giggle. He's been loving putting his feet on things lately.

Friday, September 28
11:50 a.m.: On his changing table again. He's also been loving grabbing his tongue lately (he gets his strange quirks from mommy and daddy thankyouverymuch).

Saturday, September 29

12:08 p.m.: Fun with tummy time! He's rolling over like crazy and really tucking his legs under his body to try to crawl. The middle picture shows him taking a break from all that hard work to suck on his hand a bit.

Sunday, September 30

An afternoon play session!
12:10 p.m.: Having fun looking at the baby in the mirror.
12:12 p.m.: Daddy and baby playing with a new toy.
12:23 p.m.: ...And onto his activity mat for more fun.

Monday, October 1
Post-nap nursing session.
12:15 p.m.: "I'm hungry and I'm pissed!"
12:39 p.m.: (Stretching after a good meal)
12:39 p.m.: "Mmm.... food coma."
12:40 p.m.: "Now I'm happy again!"

Tuesday, October 2
12:01 p.m.: Just waking up from a nap and not happy about it.

So that was the last seven days. Now we're back to today.

After last night's chaotic mess, please send your most effective good luck thoughts my way. As counter-intuitive as it is, I find that when baby sleeps better at night, he sleeps better (and more) during the day. When he sleeps poorly one night, he has trouble sleeping the next day. You'd think if he was tired from not sleeping last night, he'd crash hard today. But alas, if it were only that easy. When he's overtired, he has a very difficult time getting to sleep and staying asleep. This is only evidenced by the fact that he's been down for his first nap for an hour and 20 minutes and has already woken up four times so far. It kinda takes the fun (and productivity!) out of a nap when I'm having to go in and put him back to sleep every 15 minutes. Ah, well. As my doctor told me while I was in labor, I "knew what I signed up for!" :)

Here's to a better (more restful!) afternoon. :)


  1. I love the picture of him grabbing his tongue. Hilarious. :)

    Don't sweet the sleep process. In my experience, somewhere between 4 and 6 months, babies develop their good habits. Sleep training (crying it out, etc.) might make it go a bit faster, but they'll do it on their own at their own pace. My active son took longer than my laid back son. You've got an active one, so this is really par for the course. Hang in there. :)

  2. To be 100% honest...

    My phone woke me up when you texted me to tell me that you updated your blog.

    Last night sucked.

    Ok. Back to work.

  3. Whoa. I just looked at the pictures of him for the 27th again...

    ...they look like stop action photos of Brayden riverdancing. LOOK!

    Now I just have to figure out if I should be proud or worried.