Wednesday, November 14, 2012

At this time one year ago...

November 15, 2011. Doing the pregnant thing and loving life.

At this time one year ago, I was sketching out drawings for our nursery while my fifth period English 9 Honors class took their Fahrenheit 451 test. I was probably feeling a bit nauseated at the time. I had just started the phase of my pregnancy that Lauren laughs about. The sleeping-all-the-time phase. I would come home from school, make dinner, and then pass out on the couch. Around 7:00. Every day. At 11, Lauren would wake me up and tell me to go upstairs to bed. And I would. It was awesome. I don't even remember what that much sleep feels like anymore.

At this time one year ago, I was basking in the pure joy and excitement of being pregnant. It was still a secret from most people. Lauren and I had told our immediate family a while ago but only recently shared the wonderful news with our friends. Lauren sent an email out to them that included the following sentiments:

"Krystin and I have something exciting to tell you. Yes, yes....the inevitable has happened. I have procreated, and I have chosen Krystin as my lucky host! ... Now that my genes are being passed on, you can all rest a little easier."

At this time one year ago, I had no idea whether Lauren and I would be welcoming a baby boy or a baby girl into our lives. We were probably arguing about girl names (because for some reason, those were so much harder for us to come up with) and thinking about what life would be like when we expanded our family.

At this time one year ago, I was thankful for my amazing life. It was full of unbelievable blessings. An incredible husband who (as much as I hate to admit this because it will only add fuel to his fire) is hilarious and constantly makes me laugh. Two active and loving dogs who make it nearly impossible to have a grumpy day. Supportive family members, amazing friends, a great house, excellent health, a job I was good at. The list went on. And I was expecting it to get even better.

At this time one year ago, I had no idea how much better it would actually get. I thought my life was amazing then. I can't believe how much more amazing it is now. Funny how a little bit of perspective can change everything. Now - one year later - my heart is full of more love than I have ever known and my life is full of more joy than I ever thought possible.

He just makes my heart melt.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Krystin. Very sweet and genuine...looking forward to seeing your wonderful family soon!