Monday, January 7, 2013

It's not 2012 anymore...

But I'll still keep thinking it is (and writing it on forms, checks, etc) for a few months. It never fails.

Since I am behind on my postings (the holidays certainly got away from me this year!), let's consider this a double posting, shall we?

The Christmas Part

All he wanted for Christmas was his two front teeth... and Santa happily obliged. Just a few days before Christmas, Brayden started sprouting his two bottom teeth. I could tell the teething was a bit rough on him, but as always, my little man was such a trooper.

Just a few days before Christmas... bottom two teeth coming in!
The holiday itself was great. Chaotic, but great. I'm hoping that next year Brayden doesn't have so many presents to open that he has to take a nap in the middle and then go in for round two. Somehow I don't see that working out for me, though. Munchkin got some great gear this year - and I was lucky enough that several of the infant toys have been keeping my husband amused as well (I see a running trend here... perhaps a commentary on his maturity level?).

"Mine... it's finally all mine!"
The New Year Part

2012 was great. A lot happened throughout the year. Not surprisingly, most of it centered around my favorite bite-sized man.

I started the year still able to sleep in on weekends. I ended it getting up before 7:00 every morning and never knowing what day it was.

I survived a year of teaching high school -- and fielding wonderfully un-censored (and oftentimes inappropriate or ridiculous) questions about pregnancy from my tenth graders. (Mrs. Schleh -- are you, like, worried that your baby is going to fall out while you're, like, at the grocery store???)

I started the year pregnant... and ended it not. I watched Dawson's Creek reruns the weeks leading up to my due date. I was still running or at the gym two days after my due date. I don't even remember what having that much free time feels like anymore. I also don't remember what it feels like to not have a household full of so much love and joy (a more than fair trade off in my opinion).

I got Valentine's Day flowers sent to school from the baby in my tummy (and my hubby, I suppose). I designed a nursery and watched my husband and dad put it together. I had two awesome baby showers.

Oh, and I had a baby (just in case you have been wondering who that super-cute kid is that I keep posting pictures of everywhere).

Yep. That one's mine.
I've always loved the month of January because you get to look back on all of the joy of the past year and because of all the possibility it brings for the year to come. Everyone is busy making and starting resolutions and it just feels like such a clean slate. Even though I won't have as much time to devote to crazy, time-consuming endeavors, I'm really looking forward to 2013. Everyday with Brayden is such a new adventure. So even if I don't manage to lose the last 10 pounds of baby weight or do whatever crazy project I come up with (more on these awesome goals later), I'll still spend every day feeling fulfilled, accomplished, and happy.

(Bonus points will be awarded for putting on something fancier than yoga pants on days I spend at home)

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