Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Secret stash of uppers?

Yesterday was my birthday. It was my 30th and probably one of the best ones I've had in a long time. It was also the day I realized my child is NUTS. I've suspected it for quite some time, but yesterday quickly yanked out any glimmer of doubt I may have had. At several points throughout the day, Lauren asked me if I slipped Brayden drugs. And several other points during the day, he and I stood above our son, laughing until we cried, and wondering what the heck was going on.

So what was going on? Nothing I say can really capture the full effect of my insane son, but some pictures may help.

We start at the doctor's office - where he flirts with the receptionists, bobs his torso back and forth in a not-so-graceful dance (those "skills" come from his daddy) and squirms around so much in order to steal her stethoscope that our doctor has trouble listening to his heartbeat. Our doctor gently tells us the reason our son's weight is a low and he can't seem to gain weight is simply because of how active he is. Shocker.

Before leaving for the fire station, Brayden decides to work on his new motor skill - dive bombing. He tries crawling off the couch and soaring through the air. He puts his feet against my chest while I'm holding him so he can kick off and fly through the air. (He respectfully disagrees with the laws of physics and is out to prove them wrong).

On the way to the fire station, he's sitting in the backseat bellowing out attention-grabbing screams. Not cries, mind you. This kid isn't angry. He's simply loud and enjoys calling attention to himself. As soon as we arrive at the fire department, the kid turns on the charm and is suddenly adorably well-behaved. (Insert my eye roll here) He flirts with the lady paramedic, smiles at all the guys and tries to grab their noses. Wow, Brayden. Kudos on the good-baby act.

Me? Misbehaved? Never.

Later on, we're trying to eat dinner and Brayden is just getting into everything. I finally decide to sit him on my lap and finish eating. Bad idea. The boy who supposedly can't crawl more than a few feet at a time decides to climb onto the table and race across it to grab all the things he knows he's not allowed to have.

Daddy finally decides to hold him for the last few minutes before bath time. Brayden disagrees and decides to once again, practice dive bombing.

Seriously. Where's his secret stash?

This kid is hilarious. His personality is bigger than "larger-than-life." He's always laughing, always smiling and always doing something hilarious. He doesn't need our attention necessarily, but he makes it impossible not to pay attention to him. I feel like he should be some mischievous little orphan character from a Disney movie or something. I'm more than grateful to have such a crazy and amazing little boy and even more thankful that he made my birthday so memorable. At the end of the day, after some of the crazy finally subsides, he's just an adorable little boy who loves snuggling with mommy. And there's nothing better than that. :)

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  1. I think you captured the crazy about as well as you could have. But everybody who wasn't there will never fully understand.

    He just wouldn't stop. Grabbing EVERYTHING. Flirting with EVERYBODY. Climbing, bouncing, dive-bombing, escaping, crawling.

    Freak out the dogs. Grab dad's remote (PUT THAT DOWN!). FINE, then I'll jump off the couch and look for stuff down on the floor (WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!).

    You can't stop me. You can only hope to temporarily distract me.

    Yesterday was hilarious. But we had better keep this kid busy when he gets older.