Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life. With a side of CRAZY.

Ah, chaos. The glue that holds my lovely life together. I'm at one of those crazy junctures of life where everything has a extra side of "nuts" added on.

Lauren has been working what seems like 80-hour weeks lately due to a project he's on. This means I've more or less been playing the single mom role. It also means the house looks like I have eight children instead of just one.

Brayden is teething right now and going through a spurt where he is practically velcro-ing himself to me. (Yesterday afternoon, I couldn't even put him down without him crying.) The teething also means he hasn't been sleeping well (I can't blame him) so nap times have become quite loud and unproductive.

I made the mistake of putting him down yesterday so I could get his lunch ready.
As you can see, that makes me a horrible mother.
Given the time of year and the lack of attention they've been getting lately, our dogs also have a severe case of cabin fever. I'm wishing I could go jogging with them outside, but both the weather and my schedule have made that nearly impossible.

And then there's my stuff. I recently joined a local mom's group, so I've been busy with book clubs, play dates and other festivities. I'm also trying to get Brayden signed up for gym classes and have been going to the trial classes for the local facilities that have been recommended to me. With Valentine's Day upon us, I also (of course) had to get some festive photos taken of little man and make crafty goodies for everyone.

Headstand time at "My Gym"
Making some lovely treats
I also decided that since I don't have enough going on in my life right now, I'd try to come up with my own chocolate chip cookie recipe from scratch (good timing, don't you think?). It's going good so far, but I'm still a few batches away from the desired yumminess level.

Batch #1.
Being a mother, wife, chef, maid, dog-walker and socialite isn't enough, however. I've also added travel agent into the mix lately. We have four trips coming up that I've been busy trying to plan for. And since one of them is on the other side of the pond, I'll need to figure out all the specifics for getting a baby-passport.

Ah, chaos. The glue that holds my lovely life together. This is certainly one of those frenzied times in life. All I can say is that perhaps I'm crazy, but I've been enjoying every moment of it. Other than wishing my dear husband was around more, things are great. My little boy is cruising around the house and being as cute as ever (no surprises there), I've been doing some super fun activities with him, meeting some nice local moms, and finding time to do some hobbies. The crazy that I'm speaking of is the best kind of crazy. The kind that fills your life to the max with smiles, love and joy. ♥

And I certainly don't mind missing out on some sleep or having a messy house for that.


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