Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My not-so-little boy

Evidently, this is the week of reminiscing. I've suddenly realized that my baby boy is growing up way too fast. Maybe it's because he's been having a developmental growth spurt and is suddenly learning and practicing dozens of new skills. Maybe it's because I bought him what I perceive to be his first "big kid" toy (and that quickly made me realize that he's not as much of a baby as he used to be). Maybe it's because my husband and I had a violent case of food poisoning this weekend and thought we were going to orphan our dear baby.

Somehow, buying THIS toy made me feel more like a "mom"
than any other toy I've purchased.
Whatever the reason is, I just can't believe how much Brayden has grown. He has always had so much personality, but now it's not just a personality. Now he's acting on his personality and developing his own behaviors. He's able to devise plans and follow them through. He's climbing up stairs. He's grabbing our dog's tail and stroking it with a questioning look on his face (as if trying to figure out the mechanics of it all). He's making new noises and putting together different syllables. And he's communicating with us even more than before. He crawls over to me and puts his arms around my neck when he's ready for a nap. He bangs on his high chair tray when he wants more food (or more quickly!). He bobs his torso forward and backwards in an uncoordinated dance when he's really giddy about something.

Happily exploring Gymboree.
He has all these new quirks and personality components that are making him even more of his own person. And I'm realizing that he's not a little baby any more. This weekend, Lauren asked me "Remember how excited we were when he rolled over for the first time? Now it seems like he can do anything." It does seem like he can do anything. He's not just a helpless newborn anymore. He's his own person in his own right. And he is simply amazing. He is completely separate from me now and although he still needs to be taken care of, he's getting more independent every day. He really wants to explore the world. And I'm doing everything I can to let him.

I don't know that I've ever been so proud of anything in my life. He's the happiest, most amazing little boy ever. And just knowing that I've helped create and nurture this incredible being is something I never could have imagined. I've been so blessed for the last eight months to have him in my life. I can't even imagine what the next eight months will bring - the millions of ways he will continue to amaze me, the new facets of his personality that are always developing, and the immeasurable amount of joy he will continue to bring to our lucky family.

I probably ask Lauren a dozen times a week "Isn't Brayden the best?" I honestly and sincerely mean it. ♥


  1. Aww, I love this! He really is incredible, and so darn smart! Is he walking on his own with support?

    1. Almost. :) If me or Lauren hold his hands (or hold the walker for him) and guide him in a direction, he'll move his feet to follow.

      He's crawling EVERYWHERE though. And climbing up stairs faster than we can chase him it seems. He's SO mobile now. I'm kinda sad you missed that. He really kicked things into high gear after you and Kass left. Did you guys give him a pep talk or something? :)