Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Hubby's Pop Quiz

I told the hubby not to get me anything for Valentine's Day this year (and I actually meant it). But it doesn't mean he was off the hook. I called him this morning and gave him a nice little lover's test. Here's the transcript of our conversation (well, most of it).

(Note: Krystin = pink, Husband = blue)

How long have we been married?

Uh…. Since '06? Or is it 07? Hang on. So… 05… 06… okay, I think it was since September of 06. And it’s not yet September of 2013. So six years.

Wow, that took you a long time.
It’s effing early and I’m tired.
He got it right (eventually). September 3, 2006. ♥
Where was our first date?
Ugh. Um… I assume the party at the fraternity doesn’t count?
(Rhetorically) Does it?
No. So then Applebees... which is where we drew Elmo. (Long pause) Is that true, or no?
I don’t think we really had a "first date."

Where was our first kiss?
That was outside the fraternity house after the party.
The Halloween party?
I think so. Because you were dressed up as Raggety Ann.
(Note: I never dressed up as Raggety Ann in college. Looks like he had more than one "first kiss" that night.)
Who is my celebrity crush?
It’s not still that Tampa Bay hockey player, is it?
Come on, I’m sure you can think of one.
Taylor Lautner?
Are you serious?
No. I didn’t think so... but I don’t know. Johnny Depp?
Michael Buble?


Is it a guy on a cooking show?
No. You can't think of one? Are you picking guys you think are hot?
I thought I was picking guys you thought were hot! Who is it?

How about Ryan Reynolds for starters?
(Note: I guarantee he knows who my girl crush is)
He couldn't come up with this guy? Really?
What is the best meal I have ever cooked you?
Um… the one that came after sex.
Are you being serious?
Apparently not.
I don’t remember this.
I feel like it might have happened.
Are you just making stuff up?
No. Well, maybe. Okay... um... that steak was pretty amazing. So that's my answer. The prime rib.
That wasn’t prime rib.It was beef tenderloin.

Oh, yeah. That one.

What is the worst meal I ever cooked you?
The worst? I don’t know! You cook a lot of bad meals.
No. Bad meals don’t come that often so when they do I usually forget about them. Probably the one when we were in the CSA and it was all kale.

What is the most-played song on my iPod?
Probably a Who song. And my guess would be Baba O'Riley. Although at this point it could be any number of Raffi songs.
Yep. I listen to those when I’m jogging.
What would I say is your most annoying habit?
(Immediately) Talking.
(I start laughing and just can't stop) You answered so quickly!

If you could throw out one item of my clothing what would it be?
Your bras.
One item of clothing.
A bra.
Because I won't just wear other ones?
They'll get dirty faster and then you won't be able to.

What would you say is your favorite thing about me?
Hmmm… I think lately, it would have to be that you’re such an awesome mommy. But if I had to choose another one, I’d say it’s that you’re so much fun.
I looked for a picture of me being "fun" but they mostly involved making
stupid faces or covering my face with stickers. Instead, this is from just before I got
pregnant. One of the most fun weekends Lauren and I have had in a while.
Describe me in three words.
Hmmm… How bout happy mommy projects.
I don’t understand.
You’re happy and you’re a mommy and you do a lot of projects.
The correct answer is "awesome at everything."
Oh, that’s true. That was the correct answer? Can I change it?
(He then proceeded to backtrack and try telling me that by happy, he also meant sweet and nice and a bevy of other adjectives that he should have said)
How would you complete this sentence: My wife is a natural-born ___________.
That's what I get?
I didn't realize that these were such important questions. I'm so tired! Okay then, bombshell.
You are really bad at this.
I know.
Other than our wedding day and the birth of the little guy, what one day of our marriage would you most like to experience again?
(Laughing) Probably the time we stayed up all night watching movies, but that would require you to be sick. ...Or any day we lived in Valpo so  could sit on my ass and do jack sh*t.
While I worked all day?
He was a happy guy when we lived in Indiana.



    But why won't she return my letters for a three-way date night?

    1. I knew it. You're such a stereotypical guy. I'm rolling my eyes at you right now.

  2. omg this is so sweet :) love both your answers!

    1. Thanks so much! He's always good for a laugh.

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