Monday, March 25, 2013

The Little Things

It really is true that little things make all the difference.

It's the little things that make a relationship special, a vacation memorable or a day amazing. Seeing St. Mark's Basilica or the Rialto Bridge in Venice were great - but I have much fonder memories of talking to the owner of a little glass shop about his journalist son who lives in Australia. Lauren and I went back to the shop to buy wine glasses and stopped by again the next day just to chat. Before we left on our final day, the owner (who spoke about ten different languages) gave me a gift: a necklace make of hand-blown glass beads. To me, that was much better than seeing something on a postcard.
There are several people close to me going through a challenging time in their lives right now. They have been in my thoughts quite a bit. Not only have their situations made me appreciate all of the big blessings in my life, but it has made me appreciate the little things even more. No matter how difficult life is at the moment, you can always find joy in the little things of life. So whatever is going on in your life right now - whether good or bad - try to remember that you can always find a reason to smile and a little joy to fill your heart.

♥ Coming home to see my husband (via the baby monitor) putting on a "puppet show" with a giant teddy bear for our little boy (so sweet!).

♥ The beautiful budding cherry blossoms in our neighborhood signifying that spring is just around the corner

Washington's well-known cherry blossoms are finally starting to bloom
♥ While out jogging, seeing a man pull his truck over to help a few stray geese make their way across a busy street

♥ Finally finding the perfect use for a beautiful vase I bought a while back

♥ Seeing my little guy in the cutest sweater ever (I could not look at him without smiling!) - and getting pictures of him on a mini-golf course during Easter festivities

The look on his face says Brayden is not impressed. I, however, was.
♥ The hilarious banter between my family members in our March Madness pool

♥ My pediatrician's genuine excitement and enthusiasm at our nine month appointment about how healthy my little boy is (and that he finally gained some weight!)

♥ Being lucky enough to see (and attentive enough to notice) all of the little accomplishments and observations my baby boy makes each day - learning to drop a ball in the top of a spiral slide toy, discovering the wonder of the rising garage door, trying to play fetch with our dog...

Love the quizzical look on his face as he figures out another feature of his toy.
♥ That great feeling of accomplishment + fatigue after completing a nearly six-mile run for the first time since before I was pregnant

♥ Seeing one of our dogs give the baby kisses when he was crying (although to be fair, she's aways trying to molest him)

♥ My little man's other top tooth finally breaking through!

♥ Waking up to unexpected snow this morning. Mother Nature must not have checked her Blackberry calendar. It is almost April, after all. :)

Scarlet watching the snow fall out the window.
♥ Making time to watch a movie with the hubby this week and then making jokes and dubbing dialogue with silly things once we realized just how awful the movie was

♥ The excitement of signing up for a totally quirky and fun color-bombing 5K this summer (brought to my attention by another mom!)

♥ Finally picking back up on a book I started reading months ago. Who knows - maybe I'll actually be able to finish it.

What are the little joys and blessings you've had this past week? I hope the upcoming week is full of even more of them and that you choose to notice and focus on the wonderful little things instead of on the inevitable things that may go wrong.


  1. What a great post! Especially on this unfortunate Monday I've been having. I'm definitely going to try to focus on the good today instead of the bad. So my contribution to a little joy is that although my alarm not going off made me late for work, I got to sleep in 45 minutes. :)

    1. Sleep of any kind is always a joyful experience. :)

  2. I argued with a partner during a meeting today, and another partner agreed with me and proceeded to explain why I was right.

    ...and I get to come home soon.