Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday's 10: Baby Quirks

Tuesday's seem like a good day for a "Ten Things" list. Today's ten things are some of my little guy's favorite quirks and traits. Given his overly silly parents, Brayden has quite a surplus of them. A few of my favorite Braydenisms...

1. Crossing his legs like a businessman when I change his diaper and he's not wearing anything.

2. Sticking out his tongue when making an effort to do something (or think about something)

In case you're wondering, that's an airline bag of pretzels he's holding up to his face in the top right. Maybe he's thinking about why he's doing that.
 3. Choosing which laws of the physics he wants to follow (Gravity is not one of them).

4. Making up his own rules of the universe: Blocks can never be stacked in his presence. The purple phone on his farm toy can never be on the hook. Mommy is never allowed to make a meal without holding him.

5. Clapping after getting up from a spill. Laughing when he's sliding down stairs or teetering on the edge of the bed/couch (then looking over at me with a big smile because he knows I'll catch him).

6. Being in a hurry to get nowhere. He doesn't know where he's going, but he sure wants to get there quickly.

Must. Go. Faster.
7. Having the funniest "weaknesses." If we ever want to distract Brayden, we just have to put a shoe with laces on the floor in front of him (or a remote control).

8. Random (joyful) outbursts. Two nights ago (right before bed, of course), he and I had a ridiculous laughing fit together. I would look at him and he would squeal. Then I'd take a step towards him and he would squeal and scream with joy. It went on like that until he was laughing so hard he could hardly breath. Lauren was cracking up on the sidelines and just kept saying he'd never heard Brayden laugh like that before.

My sweet little quirky baby. I love his random fits of joy (and squeals!).
9. Flirting with the ladies (curiously, he usually only goes for the good-looking ones).

10. Always having something to smile about. As a parent, you get a lot of unsolicited advice and criticism thrown your way from strangers. A cashier at Target actually said the nicest thing ever to me. After commenting about the happy baby I have, she said "Happy Mommy, happy baby. He's around you more than anyone else, so that's where he gets it from." I hope I have something to do with it. If I do, I'm going to make sure that bright-eyed smile never fades. ♥

Lovin' life. :)

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  1. How precious! I love #4. Aiden had a few rules of his own (nothing was allowed to be on his high chair tray, always dove into pillows within his reach). LOL

    And #10 - come on, Krystin. Did you expect anything different with your sweet and bubbly personality? You were pumping endorphines and happiness into that kid for nine months. It's in his blood now.