Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter: In Pictures

What a happy holiday! We had a very blessed day yesterday full of family, good food and a happy little baby boy. ♥

A gift from the Easter bunny
"Oohhh... I like this plate. I wonder what brand it is."
A happy, hoppy morning with mommy!
Opening gifts from Grandma and Grandpa
Brayden was not a fan of fake grass. Every time he touched it, he made a repulsed face.
"I'll trade you two milk bones for whatever is on the bottom of that bucket."
Easter dinner table
Name settings
Spring flowers ♥
Another gift basket for little guy (thanks Uncle Ken & Aunt Julie!)
Playing with Aunt Julie's bling
Just hanging out with the godfather
Carrot cake... YUM! :)
One last picture before bath time. Happy daddy, tired baby.
Brayden's contribution to Easter: a broken egg and a painted bib.

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