Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Traveling Scientist

Although Brayden's future occupation may be unknown, he's currently enjoying his time exploring a wide variety of vocations. His recent trials include:

Sumo Wrestler
Brayden has been spending numerous hours each day practicing his basic squat.

Tech Support
"I've already explained this to you Grandpa. The 'mouse' is the thing you use to control the pointy arrow."

Food Critic
"Hmm... I'm not sure these flavors pair together very well."

Professional Mini-Golfer
That's a thing, right?

Lion Tamer
Brayden decided to start out with something more manageable (and available) than a lion.

Professional Mover
"Really mom? Another box of books??"

Race Car Driver
Vroom. (And yes, that is a hair dryer diffuser as the wheel)

My little guy seems to be quite skilled at most of his endeavors. However, there have been a few flops. Occupations not in Brayden's future include

Easter Bunny
Enough said.

Brayden was not impressed with the lions, tigers and bears.

And finally, we come to his favorites.

Brayden has been spending much of his free time coming up with and testing hypotheses about how the world works. He has moved on from his original endeavors (which included "What is the minimum amount of sleep a baby can get before exploding?" and "What does everything in existence taste like?") to more thought-provoking questions, such as "Is my level of cuteness directly related to how many times I can get Mommy to pick me up?" and "What makes noise when I shake it?" He has also been testing the boundaries of shapes, sizes and purposes of various objects. After realizing that a spherical object would slide down his tower toy, he tried out other toys as well (the stuffed lion and block were not successful). And needless to say, his big blue ball covered with nipple-looking points has seen better days.

Brayden is becoming quite the little traveler. He is currently averaging one trip every three months of his life and will soon be making the jump over the pond to his first international destination. He was quite excited to finally receive his passport in the mail, allowing him to explore a whole other country! (Hmm... I wonder what types of things make noise when you shake them in England...)

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  1. What a cutie! My daughter is 11 months and she sits in that same squat! It looks so uncomfortable but she doesn't seem to mind! I am a new follower from the aloha Friday hop. I hop you stop by and check out my blog too.