Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Brayden's Fan Club: UK Branch

I know my baby is cute. I know my baby is very cute. But I guess I didn't realize that he's so darn cute he has his own - British - fan club. The newest members include:

1. The couple from Spain who insisted on sitting with him on the flight to the UK.

A wonderful game of pass-the-baby ensued on the plane.
2. Pretty much every waiter and waitress we've had over here in England (including a gaggle of four pretty blonds at tonight's restaurant who crowded around him ooohing and aaahhing while he shot them smiles and waved at them). Oh - and most of the people who dine around us. Not sure if we've left a restaurant without at least two people approaching Prince Brayden.

3. The concierge at our London hotel who talks to him every time we pass by.

4. The man working at the Christ Church chapel in Oxford. When Lauren went in and I waited outside (knowing my notoriously loud child may not be suitable for such a locale), he invited me in. After I explained that my child was a bit loud, he gave me a big smile, ushered me in and said "that's okay, we're tuning the piano anyway!"

It's okay to bring a typically loud child into a church as long as they're tuning the piano.
5. The tour guide on the double-decker bus tour who was so enamored with Brayden she gave him the microphone to yell into.

6. The people sitting behind us on the tour bus. The people sitting in front of us on the tour bus. The people sitting next to us on the tour bus. The driver of the tour bus.

7. The waitress in Leicester Square who just had to get a hug from Brayden before we left the restaurant.

My charming child at dinner.
8. Everyone who Brayden points at then shoots smiles at. (It's like a mandatory invitation to begin baby talk, waves and silly interactions with him.) Or anyone who sees him being rambunctious and tells us how "adorable" he is. (The lady in Oxford who told us we have a very "quiet and well-behaved" child just got laughed at, however.)

9. The doorman at our hotel who - while trying to maintain his professional demeanor - kept making clucking sounds at Brayden to get him to laugh.

10. The group of Indian tourists who insisted on taking their picture with my child. I'm still unsure why my husband allowed this.

I still don't understand what happened here.

"I think Brayden is more popular at 11 months old than I ever was."
- Lauren

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