Thursday, May 2, 2013

Things We're Loving Now

1. Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift. Seriously. This stuff makes it look like I'm actually getting sleep. With a little guy around, it seems like I have zero time to put on makeup. This and some lip gloss takes less than a minute and almost makes me look presentable.

2. Baby Cookbooks. When Brayden was just starting out on solids, I used the "Top 100 Baby Purees." I know - it sounds silly to need a recipe for something that's common sense (chop carrots. steam. blend). Since we took a baby-led weaning + some purees approach to solids, I really just used the cookbook for the more complex purees (though there is great general information about baby cooking). One of our standing favorites is the chicken, sweet potato and apple puree. Perfect ratio of each one and I loved that it was a complete meal for him. These days, I'm using the "Weelicious" cookbook quite a bit. It has great finger foods for babies in there. Whole wheat pancakes (I just eliminated the sugar in the recipe), veggie nuggets, parsnip muffins (Lauren and I loved these). Really good food and very baby friendly.

3. Ben's Cookies. I'm gearing up for England and can't wait to go back here. When I was at Oxford University, this was a weekly (alright fine, several-times-a-week) stop for me. I would say I'm sad they don't deliver overseas, but I think that fact has saved me a few clothes sizes.

4. Gymboree's Other Brands. I'm not a huge fan of Gymboree baby clothing. But I do love their other brands. Some of our very favorite things have come from Crazy 8 (and it seems like I'm always getting compliments on the things I buy from there) and Janie and Jack is just too precious. They've held up really well too. Not much shrinkage in the dryer and pretty decent quality overall.

5. My fancy photo printer (Canon PIXMA Pro). Yep. This is an expensive item. Thank goodness for ebay (where my darling hubby got a brand new one for almost half the price) I can't say enough good things about it. It prints pictures better than most places I send my photos to, and I love the convenience of being able to print pictures for random projects or for visitors who took a super-cute picture with Brayden while here. (Canon just replaced my model with the Pro-100 so they don't make mine anymore.)

6. Butter London nail polish. Consider me on the bandwagon. It really is better than the rest.

7. Cause & Effect Toys. Specifically ones that make noise when you press a button. Brayden has really been into these lately. His VTech walker has been a running favorite for several months and we use the silly fake remote control as a car-seat toy. It always keeps him busy while riding in the car. Both were excellent purchases.

8. Spring colors! I'm loving the bright colors of spring lines. I usually am bummed out when there are like two primary non-black/neutral colors in a season. This season is awesome though. So many bright colors to choose from! (Especially loving the J.Crew line of shirts with colorful patterns)

9. Old School Books. While in Tampa last month, I had my parents sift through boxes in the attic for old kids books. They found some amazing items. I've been really loving reading Brayden old Stephen Cosgrove books (I love the Serendipity line of creative yet moral-based stories), Golden Books and Sweet Pickles. Some things really were better when we were kids (books and television shows/cartoons are certainly among them!).

10. LuLuLemon No Limits Tank. I got this last season (though they still sell it in a few colors) and love it. I think they hype it as "the freedom of a sports bra with the coverage of a tank." Smart marketing because that's why I'm so into it. If you do yoga, you really will love it.


  1. Looking like I got sleep? Count me in. Order placed Trish.

    And yes - I wholeheartedly agree. Books and TV was WAY better during our childhood. I can't believe some of the trash they try to make kids watch these days.

    1. Or how they just remake all the old shows that we used to watch as kids? :) Agreed.

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    Just stopping by from the Aloha Friday blog hop!! Have a good weekend!


  3. I've gotta look into the 'instant eye lift'! I'm your newest follower (GFC) via Aloha Blog Hop-I'd love you to visit and say hi :)