Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Feeling: Overwhelmed. There is just so much going on in my life right now (hence the minimalist blogging stance I've apparently taken for the month of June). It's one of those times where your mind just doesn't get a break because there's a backlog of things you have to do/figure out/plan/prepare for.

Seeing how stressed out I am, Brayden has started
wiping down his tray for me after meals. What a doll.

Excited About: Brayden's birthday party. It's definitely on my "things to be stressed out about" list as well, but I'm so happy that some of our family can make the trip out here and spend the day with our little guy. Even though we're not throwing a huge bash, it feels like there's still a million things to do for it. Perhaps my knack for being overly ambitious came into play here once again.

Working On: The big first birthday present. I told Lauren I wanted him to build Brayden a toybox for his first birthday. Knowing that the task would be a bit tricky on his own, my husband enlisted the help of his super-handy brother. They built the toybox a few weeks ago (it looks SO good) and now I'm working on the paint job. I've settled on the idea of baby animal pictures and am just finishing up sketching them before the painting begins.

Work in progress.

Enjoying: My little guy's newest quirks. Recently, he's decided he simply must try to pick up objects that are almost as big as he is. Large empty boxes, big throw pillows, packages of diapers. He's started heaving them up like a superhero and then forcefully throwing them on the floor and giggling. He's also decided to learn how to breakdance. At completely random times over the past few weeks, he throws himself onto the floor, barrel-rolls across the carpet, then gets up and flops around into strange contortions. (This kid keeps me pretty amused throughout the day) And I can't say I'm not loving the fact that Brayden adores interactive books right now (Dear Zoo is one of his very favorites. He hands it to me to read to him - while he opens all the flaps - at least six times a day). He's also been really loving the Look Book I made him. He especially likes the page with Auntie Cole and her little dog, Zeus. (He points to them, smiles and babbles every time)

Morning storytime.

Break it down now.

Watching: True Blood. So excited for the next season. It's funny how I watch almost no television and one the few things I do watch is a trashy guilty pleasure. (I think the only other things I really watch are cooking shows and Newsroom)

Love me some Eric.


  1. Eric looks a little bit like me. Except a little less dark and mysterious. I can see why you like him.

    1. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Good one honey.

  2. LOL at Lauren's comment about Eric!!! The premiere was amazing --this season will be great!

    I can't wait to see the little guy --I wish I could bring Zeus with me. Zeus loves babies and toddlers even more than other dogs...they'd be fast friends! Plus, he doesn't seem to care how rough kids play with him. Olivia used to lay on him, pull him all over the place, etc., and he loved every second of it. <3

    I'm glad that Brayden doesn't think that my picture with Zeus is reminiscent of Paris Hilton...lol ;) xx

    1. Maybe that's why he likes the picture. ;)