Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Blur That Was 'June'

Wait a minute. You mean we didn't just get back from our trip to England? It's more than a month later now? So then what happened to that one month? I think it's called "June" or something?

Oh that's right. June was renamed Chaos. And before I knew what was going on, May had turned to July. What happened in June? So nice of you to ask.

The big day. My son turned one. Holy crow. It's been an entire year!

♥ Happy Birthday Brayden! ♥
The 50 percent party. We threw him a birthday bash where I managed to only get about half of what I wanted for it complete thanks to a bit of procrastination and a horribly timed power outage the day before. Thankfully, my lovely guests made it a great day anyway.

An adorable baby and Daddy hanging out at the big bash.
Money hemorrhage. My dad always told me that when planning out a budget, make sure to pad in extra money for unexpected expenses. Like a microwave breaking or a tune-up on your car. Couldn't really predict the several thousand dollars dropped on a new air conditioner (what an unsatisfactory way to spend thousands of dollars!) and my dog's new ambitions (see below).

Icky Paw. My dog decided to try to regain the title of "most expensive living being in the house." (I joke about it now only because she's healing. We were pretty worried about her for a while!) Emergency vet visits, three kinds of medications and all kinds of injury-goodies later, the title is hers. (Temporarily, I'm sure)

The puppy who has seen better days. Poor Kinley!
On the move. Every day seems like a new playdate, activity or other event on the calendar. We're always doing something, it seems. And now that Brayden is 100 percent mobile, I'm keeping busy chasing him inside the house as well.

"Holy cow! I'm doing it!"
Brayden has also picked up several adorable habits and skills over the past month. More to come on that this week. :)

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