Wednesday, August 28, 2013

17 Weeks!

17 weeks down, 23 to go!

Baby: Our growing baby is about the size of an onion or pear. His or her cartilage is turning to bone and the tiny body is starting to gain fat. Pretty soon, the baby will be able to hear things. (Hopefully I can convince daddy to read to the little one again!)

Me: I'm doing great! ♥ I've had a few more of those nasty tension headaches, but am overall doing well. I think I might be headed into that wonderful fatigue-phase of the pregnancy (all I want to do is sleep!) so that should be fun. I've only gained a pound or two so far, which feels crazy considering how much I popped this week. In general, my bump still isn't too noticeable unless I show it off or have just eaten (both occurring in the photo above...). I think I'm about a week or two ahead of where I was with Brayden at this time (size-wise). I'm still not in maternity clothes, but now have a couple pairs of jeans that don't fit too well (bummer!). I expected to show a lot sooner with baby number two, but I anticipate things will pick up the pace over the next couple weeks (especially with the growth spurt baby is in).

I've had a few food aversions, but not too many intense cravings. I'm still jogging with Brayden several times a week and even took him to a (somewhat out there) Kid Yoga class on Monday. The exciting thing for this week is that I've been feeling those wonderful little baby flutters now and then! I've mostly been feeling movements (rather than kicks), but I love knowing that as the baby grows, they'll get even stronger.

Daddy: Busy at work, but doing well. :) Since I still don't have a big baby belly, I don't think he really feels like I'm pregnant yet.

Next Up:We have a double dose of doctors next week! A regular monthly appointment and our ultrasound. Excited for Daddy to finally hear baby's heartbeat and for us to see if this little one is as active and crazy as Brayden was in the womb. The ultrasound was also the time when both Lauren and I really got the feeling that Brayden was a boy. I'm interested to see if we have any hunches after next week.


  1. I'm glad you emailed me about the quote on the sidebar. I would have missed it.

  2. omg congrats!!! We're starting TTC #2 this month. So excited for you and your family :)

    1. Thanks... and good luck to you and the hubby! :)