Monday, September 23, 2013

15 Months!

At 15 months, Brayden...

... loves to practice his dance moves

... has started to realize he can't always get his way (and isn't too happy about that)

... has figured out that when playing fetch with our dogs, if he throws the ball down a hill, it goes a lot farther

... dislikes having his hands dirty (and after falling on the ground, will hold them out for me to wipe the dirt off of)

... has all four molars coming in (three of which have finally broken through the gum-line)

... still sits cross-legged all the time

... just came off of a huge growth spurt (this doctor's appointment showed some giant leaps on his growth chart since the 12 month mark)

... makes up his own obstacle course on the playground (and runs it over and over again)

... finally seems to be over his month of picky-eating and has been enjoying a lot of new foods lately (including walnut crusted chicken and fruit-filled crepes)

... loves helping out around the house (he knows most of our routines and will give us what we need to complete them - the right dog treat at the right time, or a handful of toilet paper when he sneaks into the bathroom)

... waves bye-bye to the dogs when going upstairs for his nap

... has started enthusiastically bobbing his head up and down for "yes" (while wearing his ear-to-ear grin)

... loves slides

... likes watching older kids at the park or playground

... really enjoys artistic endeavors (though finger-painting conflicts with the dirty-hands rule, so he caps it at 5-10 minutes)

... will gently rub my belly when I ask "where's the baby?"

... is way too good at looking sweet and saying "boooooppppp..." (his word for 'please')

... thinks blueberries are the greatest thing on Earth

...still loves reading (and has expanded his list of favorites to include a few non-interactive books)

... has the strangest eating rules. "This goes here and that should be there. Now, Mommy - here's my spoon. Feed me some peas. Now Daddy, you take the spoon and give me some pasta. Sip of milk. Sip of water. Daddy's turn... Mommy's turn..." (When the wrong person takes the spoon, it isn't very pretty...)


  1. Love this post, Kit! I can't believe how quickly he's growing up. He really does seem like he's shot up these past few months. He's going to be an awesome big brother :)

    1. Aw, thanks Nicole! He really has grown! Can't wait for you to see the little guy again. :)