Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10 Things Tuesday: Smile Worthy

Between my pregnancy hormones, the "regular" chaos an active toddler brings, and having minimal free time to do things for myself lately, the days have been extremely short and occasionally difficult. Since I'm pretty big on gratitude (and am a firm believer in the mantra "what you appreciate, appreciates"), I've been looking on the bright side of things. Not surprisingly, there are way more blessings in my life than difficulties - which is nice to keep in mind on these recent extra-hard days where my darling son decides he suddenly isn't keen on naps again. Just a few of the things that have made me smile lately...

1. Husband of the Year

Lauren is really trying for that title. Not only did he get me some pretty amazing flowers-for-no-reason this week, but he also gave me one of the sweetest compliments ever. When discussing how awesome our little guy is one day, Lauren said, "I attribute at least 95 percent of it to you. Brayden is as happy, active and smart as he is because of the way you are with him and all the things you do with him." Aw, sweetie. You've got my vote. ♥

So pretty...

2. Good Friends

Loved the girls-night-in I had this weekend (it felt like an old-fashioned sleep over!) as well as the impromptu dinner with some other friends the following night. Brayden also enjoyed the dinner, since he got to play with one of his buddies afterwards!

3. Grand Ambitions

I'm always up for a challenge (especially ones that I come up with!), and I've been enjoying getting ready for two in October. One of them is a set of ambitions that will hopefully help me do more things for myself. The other is 31 Days of Halloween Fun for Brayden. I've been busy coming up with different holiday-themed art projects and activity ideas that I can do with my little guy each day throughout the month.

Making a colored pumpkin matching game

4. A Boy and His Dog

This weekend, Lauren and I took one of our dogs to the playground with us. We left her tied up to the fence so we could play with Brayden for a bit. I got a rough case of Mom-Rage when a couple four or five-year old boys started taunting her (going up to her barking, waving fists and yelling at her) while their parents said nothing. Still, it was super sweet when our 15 month old son walked up to our seemingly angry, barking dog and stuck his face against the chain link fence... only to be greeted with a giant kiss from our pup.

5. Yoga

I always love yoga, but seem to feel the benefits even more when I'm pregnant.  I did prenatal yoga with Brayden for most of the pregnancy and have recently resumed with baby #2. I absolutely love the chance for peace that it gives me as well as the lasting effects it has on my body and mind throughout the day.

6. This Picture

He looks so devious... like he's plotting something amazing!

7. Great Purchases

Bought a few adorable pieces of maternity attire this week and plan on getting an awesome pair of shoes I was eyeing on one of the ladies at my girls-night-in.

8. Yummy Treats

I'm always trying new recipes and experiments in the kitchen. Had a wonderfully successful one last week when I came up with a fantastic zucchini bread (a healthy version made for Brayden with tons of vitamins and nutrients for a growing tot) that the whole family ended up loving. I also had a great time on Saturday baking cookies with my little guy. He had a quintessential "mommy-moment" where he couldn't have acted more like his mother. Sitting on the counter with a spoonful of peanut butter while baking cookies and listening to The Who. ♥

9. Developing Abilities

Brayden has been experimenting with more sounds and noises lately and it's just precious. I love seeing him try to say the words I'm saying and find it just adorable when he says his newest addition: bear. (Except, he doesn't really pronounce the "r" at the end, which makes it extra cute) Lauren and I are also getting a huge kick out of Brayden's "social laugh." When he sees me and Lauren laughing at something (which happens a lot), he doesn't want to be left out and joins in with his own laughter.

10. Lunch Adventures

Lauren and I often lament not being privy to what Brayden is thinking sometimes. His rules for eating... the way he comes up with some crazy game that only he seems to know the rules to... it's like watching some crazy genius at work. While we were at lunch this weekend, Brayden decided to play musical straws with the water glasses on the table.

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  1. OMG...these videos are awesome. Brayden is so focused on "killing" the water and you are so focused on trying not to die out laughing. LOL. I'm sorry to hear that the past few days have been tough, but it seems like you have the right attitude by looking for the blessings and positives rather than dwelling on the negatives. <3