Wednesday, October 16, 2013

24 Weeks!

Baby: Is moving and grooving! We certainly have another active one on our hands (hooray!). He or she isn't quite as sporadic and insane as Brayden was, however. Brayden was all movement, all the time (and most of it made us wonder what the heck he was doing in there!). Somehow, this one's movements feel more focused and directed. A bit less "look-at-me, here-I-am!" than his or her brother, but still very active and energetic. I have truly been loving getting to know the personality of our new little one! 

We're still reading Charlotte's Web (albeit at a slow pace) and the little one now has the joy of not just hearing my heartbeat or voice, but also how annoying Kinley can be (so much barking lately!). The baby just came off of a growth spurt (though my belly looks pretty similar to the picture from four weeks ago...) and now weighs about 1 1/3 lbs. I'm curious if the little one is still measuring large for his or her "age" and sometimes wish I could have another ultrasound to see baby again. :) In the coming weeks, baby will be adding a lot of adorable baby fat to his or her lean frame. 

Me: Doing great! ♥ I had such a wonderful pregnancy with Brayden and am remarkably blessed to be having another healthy and happy pregnancy with this one. I'm still out jogging three or four times a week (though my mileage has substantially decreased) and am doing prenatal yoga regularly. It's getting a bit difficult to carry Brayden up and down the stairs (the curse of living in a four-story townhouse has really set in!) so my only real complaint is a bit of back pain. But honestly, I shouldn't complain at all; things have been fantastic on the pregnancy front.

Daddy: About five weeks ago, he felt the baby kick for the first time. These days, it seems like old news to him (how quickly men move on!). ;)

Next Up:The always tasty Glucose test comes at my monthly appointment in November. I'm finally starting to think about Brayden's new room (since the current nursery is gender-neutral and already set up for a baby, we're going to put the little one in there and give Brayden a bigger, toddler room). Right now, we're aiming to move Brayden into his new crib (pun intended, unfortunately) in early December. I'm also hoping to get back to the name game soon so we can start whittling down our lists.

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  1. You look GREAT at almost 6 months pregnant! I felt like Jabba the Hut by that point... Lol!