Wednesday, October 9, 2013

31 Days of Halloween (Part 1)

For the month of October, me and my little man have embarked on a "31 Days of Halloween" journey. I'm trying to do something Halloweeny (ha!) every day of the month with him. If all goes well (and I keep my sanity during this fun-filled marathon), I'll probably do it again for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. It's already been so much fun to watch Brayden do various activities. Some of the things I didn't think he'd be that into were his favorites... and he just didn't want to stop. Here were this week's activities:

1. Halloween Gift Pumpkin

I bought Brayden a basic trick-or-treat bucket (he was too young to go last year) and filled it with a few fun items for the month. A Frankenstein sippy cup, monster bib, toy car, activity book, etc. Brayden immediately grabbed for the cup and started sucking down air.

2. Colored Pumpkins Activity

I've been working with Brayden on his colors recently, but I think he's still a bit too young to grasp the idea. Regardless, I made him this little activity to help him learn his colors (and to just play around with). I took foam board and pasted colored cardstock squares down in a checkered pattern, bought little wooden pumpkins from Michaels, painted them various colors, and stuck Velcro squares to each pumpkin and square. Brayden has been having a blast with this activity. He loves ripping off the pumpkins and handing them to me, then trying to put them back on again. (And a bonus here is that when I say the color, he tries to say the first letter of the word... so sweet!)

3. Halloween Sammies

Used my festive cookie cutters to make a special lunch for little guy. I usually don't take the crust of his sandwiches so he thought he was getting something really unique here. :)

4. Ghost Footprints

With a little help from Daddy, Brayden made some adorable ghost footprints for his family members. He had the greatest puzzled expression on his face when I painted his foot white, but seemed to enjoy stamping it down on the table.

5. Fall Festival

Last weekend, Lauren and I went to a nearby farm with a few friends. The farm does this amazing Fall Festival with tons of pumpkins, animals, slides and games. Brayden had a great time (though I think Daddy was more excited than him!) looking at all the animals and seeing all the sights. He was a bit uncertain about the giant slides we went down, but I think he'll warm up next time we visit. (More pictures are posted in the Photo Gallery)

6. Halloween Cards

Along with the colored pumpkins, this was Brayden's favorite activity so far. He had SO much fun making cards for family members. I put together a bunch of Halloween-embellishments (stickers, stamps, ribbon, paper, etc.) and put them out in front of him. I showed him how to use the stamps and would hand him stickers to press down. He immediately understood the nature of the game and had a fabulous time making them. (In fact, since he didn't want to quit, I think we ended up making way more cards than family members)

7. Holiday Books

I went around and found five different Halloween themed books for my little man. I've been reading them to him at naptime and I think he's already made me read Halloween Bugs a hundred times. He adores the book (just like all his other bug books) and giggles every time he gets to a certain page. So adorable. ♥

Loving all of our activities so far and excited about the next round. :)

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  1. these are great ideas! i love those cute little ghosty feet! :)