Friday, October 18, 2013

31 Days of Halloween (Part II)

Let the 31 Days of Halloween continue! Our second batch of pumpkin-filled fun included...
(See the first set of activities here!)

8. Pumpkin Stencil Painting

A few weeks ago, as a gameday project, I cut out a Michigan "M" and taped the negative space to a blank sheet of paper. I let Brayden fingerpaint (in yellow and blue, of course) over it and when he was finished, I took away the stencil. It turned out to look pretty darn awesome, so I employed the same method here with a pumpkin. This time, I let him use a paintbrush though, since he's been playing with mine lately and seems interested.

9. Halloween Coloring

An easy activity day: just a Halloween coloring book and some over-sized crayons for our little guy.

10. Spider Handprint Art

When we did the ghost footprints, Brayden was a bit confused. When I put the paint on his hand for this activity, he giggled the whole time! (I wish the set of baby paints I bought had a black, though! The spiders would have looked much cooler a bit darker)

11. Halloween Bath 

(& Bonus Pumpkin Painting Activity!)

So this activity was a bust. I found these 99-cent "grow-your-own-Halloween-creature" toys at Michaels and decided to give them a try. They were those tiny objects you put in water and watch expand to 600 percent their original size (or so says the package). I figured that putting a few of them in the bath as toys for Brayden would be fun... and watching them grow would be exciting for him. Not only did they hardly grow at all, but they were covered in this nasty, slimy gel that Brayden was of course, fascinated with.
At least a friend of mine had set up a bonus activity for the kiddos earlier in the day. She set up an art table with paintbrushes, sponges and other materials for painting pumpkins and let them have at it. The boys loved it!

12. Festive Ornaments

I'm not sure why this one was such a winner, but Brayden threw a major fit when it was time to quit. For 99-cents, I found a set of wooden Halloween "ornaments" and markers to color them in. Brayden had a great time coloring the wood with his markers and just did not want to stop. Color me confused (but happy!). 

13. Fun Halloween Photos

Since I'm hoping to send a few photos to family members next week, I won't post the adorable pictures I took of my little guy for the holiday. It was a lot of fun having him pose for a few festive snapshots though. 

14. Pumpkin Mosaic

(So many pumpkin projects!) Another easy activity. I took a few different shades of orange cardstock and cut shapes out of them. Cut out a pumpkin from white cardstock, covered it with glue and let Brayden put the small pieces where he wanted. We'll go back to this next week and see if we can't fill it in more, but his attention span the day of this activity was relatively short. :)

15. Cotton Ball Ghost

The same premise as the pumpkin mosaic. Brayden was pretty interested in the cotton balls and really liked pressing them down hard to make sure they stuck. It doesn't quite look like a ghost, but he still had fun. 

16. Halloween Bowling

Holy cow, was this one a winner. It was so great that I actually had to take some video of the activity. It's a straightforward activity: toilet paper rolls with ghost faces (I made them with black cardstock) and a pie pumpkin that I took the stem off of. I set up the toilet paper on one side of the living room and we tried to roll the pumpkin across the room and knock them down. I tried this in the afternoon (just before Daddy came home from work) and Brayden was immediately intrigued. He got the idea pretty quickly and started stacking the rolls himself after we rolled the pumpkin. Once Daddy got home, one of us became a pin monkey and made the game WAY more fun (not nearly as many breaks in the action... and one of us was guiding his hand so he could "roll" the pumpkin himself). We yelled and fussed every time the pins came down and Brayden would squeal with delight each time. After that, he started picking up the pumpkin himself, walking over to the "pins" and just bombing them (which was just hilarious). By the end, even Lauren was squealing with delight. :)

17. Felt Jack-O-Lanterns

Another activity that hubby (and mommy!) ended up playing with just as much as Brayden. I cut a pumpkin out of felt and then a bunch of random shapes that could become its eyes, nose, mouth, etc. (I put the pumpkin on foam board I had left over from something else just to make it sturdier). I made a face for him first (on the left) so he could see what to do, then I handed him shapes and let him put them on the pumpkin however he wanted (on the right). He enjoyed the activity the first two times, but got bored with it much quicker than Mommy and Daddy (we're still playing with it!).

We're more than halfway done with the month and are still having a blast trying new activities and projects. Things are getting pretty chaotic in our household  (Daddy is supremely busy at work right now), so I hope we can keep up the daily activities. 

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