Monday, October 28, 2013

31 Days of Halloween (Part III)

With all the craziness from the past week or two, I wasn't quite able to make it to 31 activities. Nonetheless, I thought it was a pretty good effort -- and Brayden had a lot of fun with everything. Here's our final round of Halloween festivities.

(See the first set of activities here and the second set here.)

18. Visiting a Pumpkin Patch

Since we're planning on carving pumpkins, we took our little guy to a local pumpkin patch so he could pick one out. He had quite a bit of fun running around all the pumpkins!

19. Holiday Apparel

I love getting festive outfits for Brayden for holidays. The night before a holiday, I always put him in special pajamas for the occasion. I know it's not Halloween Eve yet, but I'm sure I'll do about twelve loads of laundry before then so he can wear these cute PJs again. :)

20. Shadow Puppets

Brayden loved this activity. All I did was sketch some Halloween shapes on black cardstock, cut them out with a craft knife and then tape a wooden skewer to them (I did cut off the pointy end just to make sure Brayden didn't hurt himself somehow). We sat in the living room with the lights turned off and a flashlight handy and made the shapes come up on the wall. My little guy was SO into this. He eventually grabbed the puppets, walked to the wall and started making them dance across it himself. ♥

21. Halloween Egg Hunt

Hubby gave me a hard time for using "Easter" eggs in October, but it was another great activity. I took a dozen plastic Easter eggs and found some leftover Halloween stickers from an earlier craft project. Brayden and I sat down together and decorated all the eggs with stickers to make them (somewhat) holiday appropriate. Then we took his pumpkin bucket to his room and I had him sit in the middle of it while I "hid" eggs all around (in plain sight). Brayden understood the nature of the game almost immediately (after I told him to put an egg in the bucket and cheered when he did so...) and was running through his room finding and collecting them. So much fun.

22. Neighborhood Party

Our community has a little Halloween party for the kids so we dressed Brayden up and took him over. It was low-key for adult party standards, but Brayden had a great time. He loved spinning the little prize wheel they had (and kept cutting in front of all the big kids to spin it and run away) and was stomping through the party growling at everyone.

The rest of this week are "traditional" Halloween activities...

23. Carving Pumpkins

So long as Daddy can make it home before bedtime one night this week, we'll be making some nice faces on the pumpkins we got from the patch.

24. Halloween Library Time

Our local library has a few weekly "rhyme time" and "story time" activities for kids. This week is a Halloween theme, so I'm going to try to get him out there one of the days they offer it.

25. Trick-or-Treating

Because how could we not?

...And now onto November for some Thanksgiving themed activities! ...


  1. I still hate that costume. Good thing Brayden makes it look SO FREAKING ADORABLE!

    1. Sorry hubby... you're in the minority here. The costume is adorable and you're crazy.