Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beauty Amid Chaos

The last week and a half has been hard. Really hard. Hubby has two huge projects he's been working on so he's been spending more time at the office than at home. Consequently, I've been feeling a bit like a single mom and Brayden has been missing daddy a ton. Translation: I'm tired and Brayden is grumpy. His crankiness was through the roof for a few days and I felt so down and out.

Despite the exhaustion and difficulty of the last week though, two of my favorite things ever happened. Sort of a beauty amid the chaos type of situation, I suppose. And since half the point of writing this blog was to record the little things I may not remember in a year, I want to make sure they go down somewhere. Because really, they just made my heart melt. (And since I'm six months pregnant, they even made me cry a bit)

A Sweet Good Night

One day last week hit a high point of crankiness for Brayden. Nothing was making him happy (it was the whole "crying-to-be-picked-up-and-getting-angry-once-he-was-being-held" type of mood...). I did my best to be patient and have fun with him, but it was definitely one of the rough ones. Bedtime rolls around and I start his routine myself (daddy was working real late that night). We read some books. He takes a bath. Then he gets his half-cup of milk.

I'm rocking him in the chair in the dark - just like usual - and realize he's being a bit fidgety. He's finished his milk and is just playing with the cup now. I gently take it away and set it on the nightstand. I ask him "do you want me to sing you a song?" He gives me his adorable, whispy "yeah... yeah..." response. So I sing to him. And he holds my hand and just sits there quietly for about ten minutes while I sing to him. Finally, I ask "are you ready to go to bed?" Another "yeah" whisper. I pick him up and walk over to his crib.

I say "I love you... good night" and go to put him in his crib. Before I do, though, he gives me a kiss and then puts both hands on the side of my face (it's what he thinks a hug is). I put him down and then walk out of the room teary-eyed. My sweet and adorable little boy who just gave me an unsolicited act of love and affection.

A Big Brother

The other moment came a few days later. Several times a week, I take Brayden for a couple-mile run that passes a playground in our neighborhood. It's at the end of the route, so I always let him play there for a while before walking the rest of the way home. We went to the park that day, and since the weather was nice, it got somewhat crowded. A little boy - maybe about 4 years old? - comes into the park and walks by Brayden. He pats his head, looks up at me and says "He's cute! What's his name?"

After I tell the boy his name, he befriends my little 16-month old child. "Brayden! Watch this!... Brayden! Come over here and play with me! ...Brayden! What do you want to do now?" He follows Brayden around the playground, showing him different things and talking to him. Holding his hand, helping him up the stairs or down the slide. He brings him over to an area of the playground covered with leaves. "All you have to do is push all the leaves together, pick them up, and then THROW them in the air!" Immediately, Brayden giggles and the two boys stand there throwing leaves in the air together.

At one point, the little boy -- who was there with his grandfather --  tells me "he would be an awesome little brother!" before running back over to play with Brayden again. When we leave, the boy comes over to the fence and yells "Bye Brayden! I love you! Hope to see you again soon!"

I love how children embody all of the joy and goodness in the world. It's such a pure, untouched and unquestioned goodness. It can turn even the most difficult day into a amazing and joyful one. ♥

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