Tuesday, November 5, 2013

10 Things Tuesday: Recently...

What I've been up to lately (aside from making a person and chasing a toddler, of course...)

Finalized babymoon plans for next month
We're all set for a weekend away (can't believe it's our first without the little guy!) in mid-December. Picked a historic plantation built by George Washington's grandparents in 1642 (gotta love historic Virginia!) and located close enough to Colonial Williamsburg for a visit (since I've still never been). So excited. ♥

The B&B we're staying at (including the suite we booked on bottom right)

Outlawed to-do lists
It's no secret that I'm a list maker. The problem is that my to-do lists end up three pages long and are entirely unrealistic. So instead of feeling like I accomplished things at the end of the day, I usually just remember how long that list still is and feel stressed. I abandoned lists once before and loved it. My insightful husband had reassured me that "You'll get done what needs to get done. Things will get accomplished when you think of them and make it a priority." And he was right. Not sure when I fell back on the habit, but lately, I started feeling overwhelmed again. Instead of working harder and doing more, my answer is to do less (sort of). The irony is that I actually get more accomplished this way (and don't feel stressed out in the process!).

Watched Monsters University via Netflix
It was cute. And I'm pretty sure Lauren cried at the end of it.

Enjoying my dancing, cleaning fool
Brayden loves dancing. To everything and anything. Toy jingles. Silly songs that mommy and daddy make up. Even daddy drumming his fingers on the table at breakfast gets him moving. We've been having a ball watching him get his groove on (and joining in of course!). Brayden is also the cleanest toddler I've ever met. He is constantly wiping and tidying things. If he sees a piece of pasta lying on the floor (from his sensory bin), he picks it up, walks over to the bin and makes me get it down so he can put it where it goes. In the morning, when I clean his face after breakfast, he won't let go of the wipe. Instead, he starts cleaning everything in sight (including the dog and my belly) and then walks to the trash and throws it away. And most recently, I saw him playing pretend...

Bought some new kicks
My old running shoes had way too much mileage on them. And since I'm six months pregnant and still jogging regularly, I wanted to make sure I didn't cause unnecessary strain on my body.

P.S. They're pink.

Resumed working on my book
I came up with a few days a week that I can reliably work on it, and have actually been doing so. Started organizing my notes and story ideas and hope to be onto an outline and then narrative writing in the not-too-distant future.

Baked a homemade pumpkin pie from scratch
Not too bad for a first attempt. I've never blind-baked a pie crust before (when I make homemade dough, it's for things like apple pie which can get baked at the same time as the crust). That was the most difficult part of the process. The filling was excellent but the crust was a bit burnt. I learned a lot though, and think I could do much better next time.

Funny that fresh pumpkin puree isn't orange. Makes you wonder what's in the cans...
Ordered all of Brayden's furniture and designed his room
Finally settled on a color and theme for Brayden's toddler room. So excited to start work on it... I think it's going to look amazing. Furniture is ordered (and being delivered tomorrow and next weekend) so we're on track to have it put together by the beginning of December. Hooray!

Started working on colors with my little guy (and made some pretty sweet sensory boxes for him)
I sort of started working on colors last month with one of his Halloween projects, but he didn't seem terribly interested so I dropped it. Recently, I realized that all of Brayden's major milestones came after he seemed not interested. All those times he didn't seem like he was picking something up (like walking or pointing to body parts) he was actually observing and taking it all in. And then one day he just decided to do it. Since that seems to be his thing, I decided to go back to colors and let him play with the concepts a bit more. I'm planning on giving him one color box every 3-5 days and trying to emphasize the same color for that time. We just started red this week... so we'll see how the process goes!

Color sensory boxes (with pasta I dyed each color)
Overheard someone talking about me
At my last appointment, my doctor was working with an intern. The door to my exam room was barely cracked - just enough for me to (unintentionally) hear their conversation. Standing outside my door, my doctor started giving the intern a summary of me and my pregnancy. It made my day that the very first thing she said about me was "This is Krystin. She is super sweet. She's also having another ultra-healthy pregnancy and will be the easiest patient all day."

Kind nice to overhear someone saying good things about you. :)


  1. First of all, welling up is NOT crying.

    Second, the fact that you put the word "unintentionally" in parentheses really makes it seem like it was not "unintentionally."

    1. Whatever. At least I'm not the one who cried at a kid's movie. Again.