Tuesday, November 19, 2013

10 Things Tuesday: Silly Toddler

At his core, my little guy is an adorable combination of silly and sweet. Below are a few of my favorite snapshots/videos from recent weeks that illustrate the sillier side (with a few sweet ones mixed in just 'cause)... ♥

Sporting a new hat

Making another fashion statement... with a changing pad.

He always has something to giggle about. ♥ 

Trying to balance on Daddy's chest

His new favorite play area... the spot between his high chair and the wall.
Loves to try to fit through there (and most recently has been taking
toys there and getting them stuck).

The day he decided it was Mommy's turn to drink from a sippy cup
(after trying to feed me his banana slices)

Sweetest picture ever. Daddy and Baby at the WWII Memorial

Coloring in a box. Because I did that with him one time,
every time we get a box in the mail - no matter how large or small -
he wants to sit in it and color.

When he wants to be tickled, he lays on the floor and giggles.

And then there's this craziness. I love how when one of the pieces comes off, he calmly stops to fix it before proceeding with the insanity. ♥

And there you have it. My little boy.

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  1. HAHAHA. That video is priceless. Some awesome pictures too.