Thursday, November 7, 2013

27 Weeks

This is the last week of my second trimester. I can not believe there's less than three months to go before my due date (and since my suspicion is that the antsy little bundle of joy won't last until the due date, it could be even closer).

Baby: The baby must have just gone through a growth spurt (or else all the Halloween candy has taken its toll) because I seem to have had a belly-spurt the last week or two. People still tell me I look small for six months, but I'm measuring just right. Right now the baby weighs about 2 pounds. During the third trimester, I think the baby starts putting on almost half a pound per week. Yikes!

Mommy: No complaints. ♥ I enjoy the nightly gymnastics sessions baby performs (usually between 9-11 pm) and am getting a kick out of how he or she responds to Brayden's voice. I'm finally starting to prepare for the arrival - getting necessary items and starting work on the rooms. It's nice to be doing something to get ready; it's getting me more excited and making the big day feel even closer. Otherwise, everything is going great. Very healthy, very happy. :)

Daddy: Finally finished his big projects and is able to come home at normal hours (yay!). Has been doing sweet things for me now that I'm getting bigger (I adore the foot rubs and dishwashing-duty he's taken on). He also knows his role well when it comes to room design: telling me everything sounds great and to go ahead and order what I want. Love that man.

Next Up: I now start going to the doctor every two weeks... which is always a fun adventure with Brayden in tow!). I think we're going to start painting and putting Brayden's new room together next weekend (so excited to do that). And eventually, we probably have to... oh, I don't know... come up with a name or two??

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