Tuesday, December 31, 2013

10 Things Tuesday: New Tricks

My darling 18-month-old can be a lot of work sometimes. But he sure knows how to make up for it. Especially lately, Brayden is a constant source of amusement and entertainment for dear hubby and I. Some of our recent favorite tricks include:

For Christmas, Poppy got Brayden a miniature basketball hoop. This absolutely thrills me. Not only does Brayden love it, but it keeps my husband busy for hours on end as well. (Though I am getting a tad tired of the requests from a grown man: "watch me! watch this shot! from downtown! think I can make it? what will you give me if I do?")

Already better than Daddy...

Hide and Seek
Specifically hiding various objects in places Daddy & Mommy would never look. For instance...

Brayden has a stuffed dalmatian named Pongo that serves as his security blanket. Although he usually only gets Pongo for sleep-time, after a particularly traumatic Santa visit, I allowed him to have him during the day. When naptime came around, I couldn't find the darn thing anywhere. Thankfully, we have THREE Pongos floating around (anyone with a child who has a security item will understand) so I just gave him a different one. I still wanted to find the missing dog though, so I spent a good 45 minutes looking around. Couldn't find him anywhere. Daddy comes home from work and I tell him about the MIA toy. He looks everywhere too. Can't find him either. Finally, after hours of looking, we found the silly dog. He was stuffed into Daddy's secret stash of Lucky Charms under a cabinet. We looked in that cabinet a dozen times for Pongo, but never thought to look inside the cereal box!

The only way this story would be funnier is if Daddy
had found the toy when pouring his cereal the next morning.

One of the other hit toys from Christmas was a Magna-Doodle. Holy smokes, does Brayden love this thing. He plays on it constantly. Lately, he's been bringing it to me, sitting on my lap and demanding I draw something. I'll draw something familiar and he'll identify it in his own way - either by saying his version of the word, or by making the noise the animal I drew makes.

Dance Moves
Brayden has always been a dancer. But lately, he's added a new move to his repertoire and it cracks me up. He does the finger point (think old man or Chandler from Friends). I've been trying to get it on video lately and this is the best I could do.

Kiss Requests
I'm not sure when he picked it up, but now when he bonks his head or smashes his fingers inside something, Brayden comes running to me for a kiss. He reaches the injured body part out towards my face and then happily runs away to continue playing once I oblige. ♥

Stack-an-Object 3.0
First it was the dog cabinet. Then it was Mommy's bakeware. Now we're onto cereal boxes.

By far, my favorite trick. Brayden must help Mommy unload the dishwasher whenever it's ready. He takes each dish or piece of silverware out of it and hands it to me (and if I'm not looking, he walks over to the silverware drawer and reaches up as high as he can to put it inside himself). He also has been taking dirty dishes over to the dishwasher after meals, opening it up and putting them inside. Man, I love this kid.

Maybe I should rent out his services?

Guilty Conscience
I'm pretty fortunate that Brayden is a good kid. He doesn't really get into much trouble or mischief. And the few times he does something he knows is wrong, he comes over to tell me. Lets hope even an iota of this conscience lasts through his teenage years (stop laughing... I can dream!).

Pointing to where he colored on the floor.

Find it
We have a lot of word books at home (those books with pictures that you just point to and say the word for). Brayden loves them. And lately, whenever we get to an item that he has, he has to show me where it is. So one of his books has a crib in it. When we're in his room and I point to the picture and say "crib," he has to turn around and point to his actual crib. I love the reasoning involved in that skill. And even more so, he points to things that aren't actually there at the moment (he points out the window for "truck" or in the kitchen for "blueberries") and altered versions of objects (he has a snowman sippy cup that he points to when I show him a picture of an actual snowman).

Brayden has been throwing things for our dogs for a while now. Earlier this week, Brayden decided to join in the fetching fun. He would pick up the frisbee, run it across the room, drop it to the floor (or throw it a foot away), watch our dog bring it back to me, and then run over to me himself to retrieve it. He repeatedly did that for about 15 minutes. I was just sitting there. Enjoying not having to do anything to keep both my child and my dog amused. It was a joyful time.

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