Tuesday, December 17, 2013

33 Weeks!

Holy smokes... only seven more weeks to go. Really??? ♥

It's been six weeks since my last belly picture... and it certainly shows! I can't believe in a month and a half, we'll have another little baby in the house. :)

Baby: I'm in that part of pregnancy where baby is gaining weight like crazy. One-third to one-half of the baby's weight comes in the last seven weeks of pregnancy... which means the baby is gaining about half a pound each week. All of the baby's major organs are developed now (except for the lungs which are still maturing) and all five senses are in working order. They say that babies in the womb can now recognize and react to familiar sounds or songs. If so, we're going to have an entire family of Raffi-lovers since Brayden must listen to his music during car rides. (And since Daddy can't resist belting out the tunes even when we're not in an automobile)

Mommy: No complaints, as usual. ♥ I have been very blessed to have another healthy and happy pregnancy so far. I've been keeping extremely busy with all the things we have going on right now (holidays, traveling, room-switching fun, etc.) but am still trying to fit in some good prenatal care. I've been getting to the gym for some running and elliptical fun, and am working to incorporate prenatal yoga again. All of our traveling has certainly made it a bit difficult, but with any luck, the last seven weeks will be just as active as the first several months. I've been finding myself having a few random cravings (odd, since those typically come during the first trimester!) and the usual shortness of breath that comes in the last part of pregnancy. All in all though, things are going great.

Daddy: I think my sweet hubby is starting to get just a wee bit nervous about the additional work of another baby. Every time I excitedly remind him how close the big day is, I can see his panic level  rise just a little bit. :) Yes, the early days (and months) are a bit difficult... but so very worth it. Other than that (and pitching every University of Michigan athletic-related name option he can think of for our upcoming arrival), he's doing good as well.

Next Up: After next week, my doctor's appointments become weekly visits. Although I don't mind them (I still adore hearing the baby's heartbeat each time!), Brayden seems quite bored with them. It will be interesting to try to come up with new ways to entertain my toddler while waiting at the doctor's office (especially if I have any more experiences like last week... when I had to wait almost an hour!). Brayden is officially moved into his new room now, so we're just finishing getting the nursery ready for a new baby. There's not too much more preparation to go... other than settling on a name for the little one. :)

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