Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Very Brayden Christmas

Less than a week until Christmas? Really??? It feels like everything is just sneaking up on me these days! Thankfully, despite the quick (and stealthy) approach of winter holidays, my little guy and I have managed to do quite a few festive activities. Some of Brayden's (or my) favorite ones are below (though admittedly, we've had so much fun with the daily things as well... listening to Christmas music, baking holiday treats, etc.). ♥

(For the super-enlarged view of the photos, click on them. And to see a few of last year's craft projects, click here.)

Decorating the Tree
Brayden loved it. Although he had some trouble hanging the ornaments himself, he had no problem telling me where to put each one (which might be why every University of Michigan ornament we own is at the bottom of the tree -- within his line of sight). He also decided that his fake fruit was the missing touch to the tree's decor (as I've found them in there several times since the tree went up).

Homemade Gift Wrap
This was my favorite project of the holiday season. I spread a roll of craft paper across our kitchen table, let my little guy sit atop of it, and watched him go to work. He loved having such a big canvas (instead of being confined to a piece of paper or small area like he usually is) and was coloring and painting in huge strokes across the sheet. I cut festive shapes out of sponges for him to use as stampers, and bought a cheap set of cookie cutters to use in the same way. We did this over two days (so I could keep advancing the roll and making more paper) and every time, it was a ton of fun. I used the wrapping paper for special gifts from little guy to all his family members.

Craft Projects
Just a few of the fun projects we tackled over the past few weeks: a handprint Christmas tree, salt dough ornaments (thanks to Grandma S. for coordinating this one!), a snowflake painting (I just taped down a snowflake, let him paint around it, and then peeled it off after drying), and a handprint wreath plate.

More Winter Fun
I couldn't resist posting the picture of my little guy in his snow bib and hat. We were getting ready to go out in the snow and he looked so freaking adorable I just had to take a few snapshots. He was so intrigued by the snow and kept begging me to take off his gloves so he could play in it. Once he finally touched it, he quickly decided it was not something he enjoyed. Brayden has also been in love with this holiday bear that plays Jingle Bells when you touch his foot (it was a gift to him last year). He's been carrying it around for weeks and snuggling up to it constantly. ♥

Santa Visit
As expected, this was the result of our recent trip to see Santa. Brayden was so excited about Santa until the moment when I handed him off. It must be a rite of passage for toddlers.

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