Friday, January 31, 2014

39 Weeks!

Just a few more days!

Baby: Since I'm almost to my due date now, baby is just busy putting on weight and continuing brain/lung development (getting smarter every day!). Over the last two weeks, I've been able to breathe better, so I'm fairly sure baby has dropped (at least somewhat) and is ready for delivery. Everything is healthy and on track according to the docs, so there's really nothing to report.

Mommy: Excited and anxious for the day to arrive! I can't wait to meet this little one and find out if we have another adorable little boy or a sweet little girl. ♥ I'm not horribly uncomfortable or anything (I've been very blessed with both pregnancies to avoid that!) and have minimal complaints. I'm still getting to the gym a few times each week (and now that it's the end of February and people's resolutions are wearing off, it's nice to not be faced with an overly crowded cardio area!). I'm also so excited that Lauren and I have settled on a few names of each gender. There was a bit of frustration that came during the girl process, but we're both really happy with our final few choices.

Daddy: A bit under the weather lately and feeling somewhat stressed. I'm (reluctantly) hoping that he has this weekend to relax and decompress before the big day comes. I think he could really use it. :)

Next Up: Just waiting for the big day. Since I've already given birth once, the doctor's love reminding me that it could happen at any time. We have the hospital bag packed (finally), the nursery ready, and everything else in place... so whenever it happens, it happens. I do have a 40-week appointment scheduled for next Thursday, but I am not-so-secretly hoping I don't need it. ♥


  1. Holy moly your pregnancy sure seemed to fly by. I'm sure it didn't feel that way to you though! We're still trying to get pregnant with #2 - finding it it more difficult than it was with #1. Hopefully soon, though! Hoping you have an easy delivery :)

    1. It definitely felt quicker than the first pregnancy, that's for sure! Best of luck with #2... and thanks for the warm wishes for delivery. I'm hoping that occurs sooner than later at this point. ;)