Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Favorites

Has this week felt long to anyone else?

With Lauren staying at work late and me chaotically trying to get everything ready for our imminent arrival, it has felt never-ending to me. However, amid the chaos (non-napping toddlers and cabinet doors falling on top of me for example), there's been a lot of good. ♥

Some of my favorite moments and photos from the week...

1. The scare.

You know when you accidentally scare someone so badly, they jump in the air and yell at you? And even though you didn't intend to do it, you sort of wish you had because it was just so awesome? That happened today... at almost 4:00 in the morning when Lauren was coming out of the bathroom and I was going into it. It was epic. He yelled for a good 10 seconds.

2. Brayden's new response to doing something wrong.

When my son gets frustrated, he throws things. He knows he shouldn't do it, and whenever he does, I calmly make him walk over and pick up the item he just hucked across the room. This week, he started reacting to his own misdeeds. When he throws something, before I can even respond, he throws his hands up in front of his face to hide. (Because clearly, this way I can't see him and make him correct his error) If he's near a couch, he ducks behind that, too. Honestly, it's taking every ounce of self-discipline I have not to laugh when he does this. It's such an immediate reaction. "I threw something. Crap. I'm in trouble. Better get the heck out of here."
There's no way she'll find me in here.

3. New camera lens.

I bought myself an early birthday gift. A new camera lens that allows me to better deal with the poor lighting in our house. I already love it.

4. Seeing my son pick up the phone and pretend to talk on it. 

Not a bad act, right?

5. Brayden trying to say banana.

He's trying to say more words lately, and this week we encouraged him to say banana. It started with a "buh-", ended with a "-nana"... and had about ten addition syllables in between. Freaking adorable.

6. Walking in on my dog snuggled up in bed. 

I have no idea how she put herself under the pillow.

7. A break in super-cold, rainy weather!

So happy we got out for some walks and playground time this week. Being cooped up inside is so hard during the winter.

8. Baby preparations

The more we do to get ready for the baby, the more excited I get. Cleaning out the nursery and buying our new little one a lovey were such sweet additions to the day. And how cute is this giraffe?

9. Brayden's ABCs

Between the puzzle that Grandma got him for Christmas and the alphabet magnets on his board, Brayden is learning his letters so fast. He doesn't know all of them, and he doesn't get them right all the time (he loves saying sounds instead of letter names, but will usually still bring me the letter I asked for), but it's awesome seeing his little mind expand.

10. Greatest video ever.

Brayden was playing with an empty photo-storage case this week. He went all baby-Schwartzy on me and started repeatedly lifting it, saying "big" over and over again.


  1. Yessss!!! LOL....the best part is his walk-off at the end....and I'm out! Love it. Hope you're doing well....just a few more weeks now, right?

    1. That's Lauren's favorite part too... that he just grabs his snack and shoves his face on the way out. :)

      Less than three weeks!