Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Toddler Speak & Other Strange Behaviors

Brayden is at that stage of language development where he knows exactly what he wants to say -- and thinks he's communicating it perfectly to us (so seriously, why aren't you getting what I'm asking for???) -- but Daddy and I are left clueless.

During bathtime, he'll point to his huge basket of toys and say something like "beee!" Since we don't have a bumble bee anything in the house, that's not what he's referring to. He could be referring to something blue (he typically says the first sound of each color when identifying it). He could be referring to a block. Or a bath book. Or even something that he thinks starts with the letter B.  Lauren will go through toys - one by one - and watch as he shakes his head no with increasing frustration.

But look how cute I am, Mom! 

And then there's the receptive language. We have to call things by the right name - the name he knows. An anecdote from this weekend:

Lauren and Brayden are looking through a pop-up book together. Brayden's way of interacting with it is to point to various objects and have us tell him what they are.

Brayden: (points)

Lauren: That's a vice. It's used for clamping down things.

Brayden: Nnnnnnhhhhhh!

Lauren: It is a vice!

Brayden: Nnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhh!

Krystin: I call it a tool. I didn't really know what it was.

Lauren: Seriously? Fine. Brayden, it's a tool.

Brayden: (happily points to something else)

Lauren: That's a rat.

Brayden: Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh!

Lauren: What's the problem here??

Krystin: It's a mouse.

Lauren: Brayden, why don't you take the book to Mommy and have her read it. Apparently, only she knows the secret language.

I think this stage of language development could easily be made into a gameshow. Lauren and I do so much trial and error guessing (especially at meal times) regarding what Brayden is trying to say. He's certainly saying more words, but they're just not coming quickly enough for his own mind.

He also enjoys doing a variety of other activities that leave us somewhat clueless (or leave us staring -- and laughing -- in amusement). A few recent gems:

While I was making dinner, Brayden decided to put potatoes inside an empty dog treat container.
He was extremely methodical about which ones went in and what he did with them once they were there.

Kinley has stopped playing fetch with Brayden. Maybe it's because Brayden decided the game wasn't
challenging enough for her (so he started putting the Frisbee in difficult-to-get places).

Rearranging food on his tray in a way that I'll never comprehend.

I don't know. I just... don't know.


  1. This cracks me up, even at 3 years old, Charlotte is the same way about words (except she can talk). She'll either correct you or just act really confused if you use the wrong word.

    1. Oh good. So it doesn't end when they can talk. I was hoping that's what someone would tell me. ;)