Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The More Things Change...

I can't believe I have two children. Because it's such a big change, I imagine it will take a while to fully adjust. So far, things have been great though. We're staying busy entertaining a toddler, cleaning the house just enough to not be too embarrassed when company comes over, and falling so much in love with our little girl. Things have really been great this week -- not as difficult as my dear hubby feared and even more amazing than I could have imagined.

Elissa is such a sweetheart - so snuggly and downright adorable. Despite the fact that she looks like Brayden when he was first born, she's certainly showing off her uniqueness. The two babes are clearly related... and I really can't get over just how similar they look. Considering what a cutie I think Brayden is, I have no problem with this!

Elissa on the left; Brayden on the right
(You didn't believe me???)

Elissa on the left; Brayden on the right

As far as temperament goes, they are pretty different. Elissa is so much calmer than Brayden was as an infant. Much less crying, lower maintenance and just overall more laid back (so far). As long as she's not hungry or in need of a clean diaper, she's happy sitting in her bassinet (or in our arms) just hanging out. Despite the calm temperament, she is darn feisty when she wants to be. Before Elissa was born, I said she seemed determined. Her kicks were stronger than Brayden's and her movements just seemed so focused. Now I see why. When this little girl wants something, she gives it her all. If my ridiculous labor didn't prove that, her behavior since then has. When they drew her blood at the hospital, the day old babe was struggling so much she would have flipped herself over if there wasn't a wall nearby. When I put her on her tummy this week, she was so mad she kicked her feet hard enough to unintentionally crawl across the mat. And when our doctor saw her spunk, she was pretty taken aback. "Wow - don't discount this one. She might be small, but she is mighty."

The other huge difference between Elissa and infant Brayden is their sleep. Brayden absolutely abhorred sleeping during the day. It was so difficult to get him to nap in the early days (at one point, we even resorted to putting him in his car seat carrier and rocking him for obscene amounts of time). Elissa is pretty different. She doesn't fight sleep during the day at all. She actually loves her sleep. But where Brayden did great was at night. He was sleeping in his crib from the very beginning and waking up just a couple times at night to feed after the first few weeks. Elissa just isn't a huge fan of the crib yet. The bassinet works about half the time (if we slip her in there when she's in a deep sleep), but she prefers sleeping on Mommy or Daddy. So one of my children fought sleep during the day and took to the crib, while the other one welcomes all sleep but prefers to sleep on us. I'll take what I can get.

I've been loving getting to know our darling girl and am looking forward to the days and weeks and months ahead. Elissa is such a sweetheart and my heart feels so full with the blessing of two amazing children. ♥

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