Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites

This week has certainly been full of entertainment, excitement and silliness. A few of my favorite "little moments" from this week...

1. The Potato Picture.
Brayden decided to take special interest in the potatoes in the cupboard this week. He carried around the bag like a hobo, and then managed to pull one out and walk around with it. Simultaneously, he decided it would be fun to wear Daddy's tennis shoe (= match made in photographer heaven).


2. Brayden thinking Daddy drives a bus.
Lauren works in downtown DC. He takes a shuttle to the Metro station so he can go into the city. Brayden always watches him from the window and shouts "bus!" whenever the shuttle picks him up or drops him off. This week it became pretty obvious that Brayden thinks Daddy drives the bus. It makes Lauren crazy. So naturally, I had to exacerbate the situation by singing wheels on the bus all week long ("like Daddy drives!").

3. Elissa finding herself in the mirror. 
...And loving it. Just like her big brother used to do.

4. Nap overlap.
It happened. Not every day and not for a long block, but I'll take whatever I can get. :)
(For the record, my un-favorite moment from this week was when both kids were sleeping and a commercial with a crying baby came on TV that made me frantically check the monitor. That just shouldn't be allowed.)

5. Catching up with friends.
With all the focus on our little ones right now, it was nice to have some time with friends I hadn't seen in a while.

6. Brayden's spaghetti lunch.
This was way more fun (for both of us) than it probably should have been. It began with messy eating, progressed into squeals of delight (and hats off to forces above), and ended with some giddy singing.

7. The Magna-Doodle argument.
Brayden loves his Magna-Doodle. He'll draw on it for what seems like hours. And after he's finished, he'll ask Mommy to draw things for him. It gets pretty boring to draw the same things over and over (i.e. train, fire engine) so I've been spicing it up this week. One of my favorites was a dog wearing a top hat talking to a bird. Brayden got a big kick out of it and took it to Lauren... who commended my fancy dog, but started arguing with me about the bird.

"Why is its wing broken?"
"It's not. The bird is flying."
"Then where's the other wing?"
"Right there."
"That's a wing?? What's wrong with it?"
"Nothing... it's the perspective. You're looking straight at it."
"But the other one is in the air. This bird is totally messed up."
"The bird is fine. You're messed up."
"I don't understand how it's doing that."
"The bird is coming in at an angle, ok??"

Yes. That was a real conversation about the accuracy of bird-aerodynamics on a freaking Magna-Doodle. Apparently, I have to hone my magnetic drawing skills to keep up with my overly skilled husband.

Doesn't Daddy realize this isn't exactly the most precise art form?

8. Cleanliness and Happy Dances
Earlier in the week, I asked Brayden if he wanted to help me do laundry and he eagerly ran to the washer. Once the cycle started spinning (we have a front loading machine), he busted out with his Happy Dance. Then today, when I was dusting, I looked down to find Brayden joining me... using one of Elissa's socks. My neat and clean little boy.

And finally, because it doesn't belong with my "little" moments above, I have to call it out separately. The hands-down best moment of the week was the birth of my nephew. :) I couldn't be happier for my baby brother, his lovely lady, and their new beautiful son. Congrats again, guys. ♥

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Ever since we became a party of four, things have been a bit hectic. I haven't found my footing quite yet, but we're definitely getting there. In the mean time, I've been up to a few things...

Excited for: My baby brother and his lady... who just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! I couldn't be more thrilled for them. The new little guy is 8lbs 4oz of pure joy for my brother's wonderful family. ♥

Watching: House of Cards. I'm definitely a late arrival to this party, but I L-O-V-E it. I know I only watch a few television shows, but this one is my new favorite. Kevin Spacey is just amazing in it (I can't get enough of his evil genius) and I'm intrigued by the dynamic between him and his wife.

Listening to: Brayden talk. He still mostly says the beginnings of words, but he is talking so much right now. He tries to repeat any word I say - especially if it's one he hasn't heard before and I emphasized it in the sentence. I adore listening to him. I also love his toddler speak (beeps = please, SaSa = Elissa). So sweet.

Wearing: My Super Mom Cape yoga pants and a maternity shirt with spit up on it. Good thing I'm not looking for a man right now.

Real moms wear yoga pants. More than they should.

Wanting: Time. To do... you know... stuff. Like reading, running, yoga... making the house moderately presentable. And if I'm feeling extra crazy, maybe even a bit of sleep.

Needing: Sleep. Elissa actually isn't a bad sleeper (so far), but when the longest stretch of sleep I get at a time is just a few hours, it compounds itself over a six week period. My brain has gone into delusional mode more than once in recent days. Last week, I asked my dog a question and fully expected her to verbally answer me the way Brayden does. I'm pretty sure I almost put the baby monitor in the refrigerator, too.

What's the big deal? I sleep like a baby.
Working on: Finding a new house! We're planning to to start house-hunting next month and are going out this weekend to explore one of the areas we've targeted as a potential new stomping ground. I'm SO excited for a new place. Not that I don't love the house or neighborhood we're in, but we've definitely outgrown it. Besides, a four-story townhouse has it's detriments. It will be lovely to find a place with a yard and some natural sunlight (fewer floors of stairs wouldn't hurt either; carrying two little ones up them at the same time is no easy feat!).

Feeling: Stressed and blessed all at once. It's ironic that my blessings are what's stressing me out. I fully realize what an amazing life I've found myself in and I am more than grateful for everything in it. However, these early days with an infant and toddler are just a wee bit difficult.

♥ Blessed ♥

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

10 Things Tuesday: Things My Dogs Are Scared Of...

I love my dogs. I have two absolutely amazing, loyal and active vizslas who are just as much part of our family as Brayden and Elissa are. (In fact, Lauren still refers to Kinley as his "first born")

While our pups are great, they're also a bit neurotic. Each of them has some unique quirks, and for whatever reason is scared of a variety of random things. Just for laughs, here's the list of things they'd hate to be faced with on Fear Factor (does that show still exist?).

1. Tape measures. 

Because there's something really evil about the metric system.

2. Sewers. 

Walk around them at all costs - even if it means slamming on those puppy breaks and forcing everyone to find an alternate route.

3. Snowmen. 

Admittedly, this one is Lauren's fault. In hopes of seeing the dogs show some canine loyalty, he pretended to be attacked by a snowman once. The joke was on him though when the dogs ran the opposite direction.

Frosty 1, Daddy 0

4. The junk drawer. 

Whenever we open our junk drawer, Scarlet runs out of the room and upstairs to her crate. It must be all those invisible puppy torture devices in there.

5. Smoke.

One of our dogs is just terrified of smoke. Walking by BBQs and browning meat is just awful. And now my smartie-pants dog even hightails it out of there when I turn the vent on above the stove (since that's a sign that smoke is imminent).

6. Balloons.

Unlike the snowman, one of our dogs actually tries to fight them.

7. Retractable leashes.

Maybe there's something about things that magically expand and contract that freaks the dogs out. Either way, this purchase was a waste of $20.

8. Profanity.

I'm not joking. Our dogs actually recognize swear words and run upstairs to hide when they're launched. Somehow, they know that these specific words are signs of anger. This means that joking arguments with the hubby and Michigan football games send our dogs running.

9. Nail clippers.

At least this one is sort of normal for a dog. They're not big on manicures and prefer to go au naturel.

10. Cameras.

One of our dogs has a strict "no papparazzi" rule. Picking up the camera -- or even our phone these days -- sends her running. Maybe she believes that superstition about cameras stealing your soul.

This list was surprisingly easy to write... leaving me to wonder if there's something specific about our dogs that's odd or if all dogs are just as... "quirky."

Don't be a hater. Quirks and all, I'm darn cute.