Tuesday, March 4, 2014

10 Things Tuesday: Things My Dogs Are Scared Of...

I love my dogs. I have two absolutely amazing, loyal and active vizslas who are just as much part of our family as Brayden and Elissa are. (In fact, Lauren still refers to Kinley as his "first born")

While our pups are great, they're also a bit neurotic. Each of them has some unique quirks, and for whatever reason is scared of a variety of random things. Just for laughs, here's the list of things they'd hate to be faced with on Fear Factor (does that show still exist?).

1. Tape measures. 

Because there's something really evil about the metric system.

2. Sewers. 

Walk around them at all costs - even if it means slamming on those puppy breaks and forcing everyone to find an alternate route.

3. Snowmen. 

Admittedly, this one is Lauren's fault. In hopes of seeing the dogs show some canine loyalty, he pretended to be attacked by a snowman once. The joke was on him though when the dogs ran the opposite direction.

Frosty 1, Daddy 0

4. The junk drawer. 

Whenever we open our junk drawer, Scarlet runs out of the room and upstairs to her crate. It must be all those invisible puppy torture devices in there.

5. Smoke.

One of our dogs is just terrified of smoke. Walking by BBQs and browning meat is just awful. And now my smartie-pants dog even hightails it out of there when I turn the vent on above the stove (since that's a sign that smoke is imminent).

6. Balloons.

Unlike the snowman, one of our dogs actually tries to fight them.

7. Retractable leashes.

Maybe there's something about things that magically expand and contract that freaks the dogs out. Either way, this purchase was a waste of $20.

8. Profanity.

I'm not joking. Our dogs actually recognize swear words and run upstairs to hide when they're launched. Somehow, they know that these specific words are signs of anger. This means that joking arguments with the hubby and Michigan football games send our dogs running.

9. Nail clippers.

At least this one is sort of normal for a dog. They're not big on manicures and prefer to go au naturel.

10. Cameras.

One of our dogs has a strict "no papparazzi" rule. Picking up the camera -- or even our phone these days -- sends her running. Maybe she believes that superstition about cameras stealing your soul.

This list was surprisingly easy to write... leaving me to wonder if there's something specific about our dogs that's odd or if all dogs are just as... "quirky."

Don't be a hater. Quirks and all, I'm darn cute.


  1. Our Cairn Terrier is afraid of crinkling newspaper, the vaccum, and belts. The last one saddens me - we rescued her (5 1/2 years ago!) and we think she was abused. Every time someone take off in front of her, she cowers in fear. We've learned to try to look for her when disrobing but every now and then it happens. She gets lots of rubs and love if we misstep.

    1. ** Every time someone takes their belt off in front of her

    2. That's such a bummer. My family had a rescue dog while I was in high school and we were pretty sure she was used in dog fights. :( It was so sad to see some of her fears come out.

      Rescue dogs are so special though; I swear they know you saved them and are incredibly loyal and loving as a result. :)