Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Ever since we became a party of four, things have been a bit hectic. I haven't found my footing quite yet, but we're definitely getting there. In the mean time, I've been up to a few things...

Excited for: My baby brother and his lady... who just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! I couldn't be more thrilled for them. The new little guy is 8lbs 4oz of pure joy for my brother's wonderful family. ♥

Watching: House of Cards. I'm definitely a late arrival to this party, but I L-O-V-E it. I know I only watch a few television shows, but this one is my new favorite. Kevin Spacey is just amazing in it (I can't get enough of his evil genius) and I'm intrigued by the dynamic between him and his wife.

Listening to: Brayden talk. He still mostly says the beginnings of words, but he is talking so much right now. He tries to repeat any word I say - especially if it's one he hasn't heard before and I emphasized it in the sentence. I adore listening to him. I also love his toddler speak (beeps = please, SaSa = Elissa). So sweet.

Wearing: My Super Mom Cape yoga pants and a maternity shirt with spit up on it. Good thing I'm not looking for a man right now.

Real moms wear yoga pants. More than they should.

Wanting: Time. To do... you know... stuff. Like reading, running, yoga... making the house moderately presentable. And if I'm feeling extra crazy, maybe even a bit of sleep.

Needing: Sleep. Elissa actually isn't a bad sleeper (so far), but when the longest stretch of sleep I get at a time is just a few hours, it compounds itself over a six week period. My brain has gone into delusional mode more than once in recent days. Last week, I asked my dog a question and fully expected her to verbally answer me the way Brayden does. I'm pretty sure I almost put the baby monitor in the refrigerator, too.

What's the big deal? I sleep like a baby.
Working on: Finding a new house! We're planning to to start house-hunting next month and are going out this weekend to explore one of the areas we've targeted as a potential new stomping ground. I'm SO excited for a new place. Not that I don't love the house or neighborhood we're in, but we've definitely outgrown it. Besides, a four-story townhouse has it's detriments. It will be lovely to find a place with a yard and some natural sunlight (fewer floors of stairs wouldn't hurt either; carrying two little ones up them at the same time is no easy feat!).

Feeling: Stressed and blessed all at once. It's ironic that my blessings are what's stressing me out. I fully realize what an amazing life I've found myself in and I am more than grateful for everything in it. However, these early days with an infant and toddler are just a wee bit difficult.

♥ Blessed ♥


  1. good luck on the house hunting! can be such a stressful process, especially with everything else you have going on!

    1. Thanks! :)

      I'm sure it will get hectic at times, but I'm so excited to be in a new house that I probably won't even mind.