Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

One of the great fortunes in my life is having an incredible father. Because of my own experiences, once I started having kids, I had some pretty high expectations for my husband. The "father" role was a pretty tall order to fill.

But he did it - and he continues to do it every day. He has completely lived up to everything I could want from the father of my children. He is an amazing dad. And his (relatively) new role has given me even more reasons to love the man I married. Over the last two years, I've seen a new side of him. I've fallen in love with him again and again in different ways and for different reasons. Parenting allows you to see parts of your spouse you couldn't see any other way. And seeing this side of Lauren has only made me love him more. 

So today, on Father's Day, I want him to know a few of the things I think make him an amazing father. 

You are just so damn fun.

It's no secret that you're a performer. You love to make people laugh. And you do it so well. For more than a decade, you've added smiles, laughter and joy into my life. Now you're doing the same for your kids. I love watching how much fun Brayden has with you - and look forward to the same with Elissa.

You are successful.

Being successful makes you a great provider for your family, but even more importantly, an amazing example for your children. You're incredibly good at your chosen profession and are the living example of what intellect, ambition and hard work can accomplish. 

You're silly. 

I love that you're not too mature or embarrassed to act goofy with your kids. You're still a kid at heart -- which I adore -- and it really comes out when you play with the little ones. You get down to their level and act in a way they really respond to.

You're not short-sighted. 

When it comes to parenting, you're not afraid to upset your children in the short-term for something that's in their best interest long-term. I love that we're a team on this front. You're not obsessed with instant gratification, giving your kids everything they want, or avoiding tears at all costs. You've got a great balance of giving your kids what they want and giving your kids what they need.

You're talented.

You're good at a lot of things. Guitar. Drums. Soccer. Tennis. I love that the kids get to see you passionate about something. They see that it's fulfilling to have interests, to work hard to become good at them and to enjoy a variety of activities. Having passions and interests in life is great, and I think the kids are so much better growing up with a dad who sets this example.

You're open-minded about parenting.

You recognize that I'm with the kids almost 24 hours a day and don't have a problem following my lead on childcare. You don't have an "I'm always right" or "my way or highway" approach to parenting. It makes it easy for us to be a team, to discuss situations, and ultimately do what's best for our kids. 

You want to be a good father.

There's nothing more important than your own attitude about fatherhood and family. It influences everything you do and is its own message to your children. Your actions, your attitude and words make it so clear that your family is your priority. That you love your children and genuinely want to be a wonderful father. 

And you are. 

Thank you for everything boo. You truly are the best father I could have picked for my children. ♥ Happy Father's Day.

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