Monday, July 28, 2014

10 Toddler Hashtags

The toddler phase is really a lot of fun. Lauren and I have been just loving this age with Brayden. The kid is active, sweet, affectionate, communicative and simply hilarious. We're doing so many fun activities with him (from soccer to swimming to children's theater) and are taking advantage of the new things he is able to do. He can be so amazingly joyful (as he runs through the house giggling with glee, hugging everyone, or trying to kiss our dogs) that it's impossible not to be in love with this kid or sport a giant smile yourself.

However. (Insert deep breath here)

They don't call it the "terrible twos" for nothing. Even Brayden - who is genuinely a good kid and rarely gets himself into trouble - has his moments. Sometimes he has a dozen of them. Before breakfast. While I'm home by myself watching him and taking care of my infant. Other times, it seems like he has entire days that are moments.

I'm not a big hashtagger (is that a word?) but I just couldn't help it. A few hashtags to describe the terrible twos.


I swear my sweet little boy was here just a second ago...


Because even though I've said it twenty times already, there's a chance I wasn't really serious.


This should be an Olympic sport. I don't know many non-moms who can read Steam Train, Dream Train eighteen times in a row without screaming.




Some days it feels like everything fits into this category for him.


Put me down. NOOOO! Pick me up. NOOOOO!


How do they know the exact thing you don't want them to repeat?


The academy is so proud of all these little two-year-olds running around.


Wa mee mouw wi da-da = Watch Mickey Mouse with Daddy. (10 points)


Sometimes, that's all you can do until you wait for the wave to pass and your sweet little boy to come back to you. :)

I felt kind of bad posting this picture. But Brayden LOVES it. Over the last few days, he's asked me a dozen times to see the picture of "B crying." Every time I show him, he just giggles. SMH.

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