Thursday, August 14, 2014

Toddler Reclaims Babyhood

I read and heard about different "regressions" that commonly happen to a child when a new baby is born. Potty training reverts. Language acquisition may slow down. Behavior hits a rough spot.

Perhaps I should have known better, but I didn't expect my toddler to decide he wanted to be a baby again. Pretty much everything Elissa has or does is immediately irresistible to big brother.

This includes...

Smushing himself into the baby carseat

(one of the first actions he took to reclaim his babyhood)

Insisting he tries the purees I make for Elissa

Playing with toys he hasn't touched in over a year 

...and getting grumpy when Elissa is playing with them

Fitting into anything else Elissa routinely is put in

...her Bumbo chair, her baby bath, etc. This also includes her clothes and hairbows (I saved Daddy embarrassment by not posting that photo of Brayden)

Sucking on teething rings

If Elissa ever drops one, Brayden scrambles into the room to pick it up and claim it for himself

Getting angry when I won't let him drink from a bottle (odd, since Elissa doesn't even drink from one!) or nurse

Becoming obsessed with the swaddle

Over and over again, he asked us to swaddle him. And over and over again, he practiced the craft on stuffed animals.

Arguing with me when I tell him he's a "big boy." 

He gets pretty frustrated and screams "No big boy! No big boy!"

And most recently, this gem...

Brayden slid his stool over to the pack-and-play, climbed into the bassinet and got nice and cozy. First he told me he wanted to go night-night. Then he told me to turn off the lights and go upstairs.

That is one happy toddler baby!

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