Sunday, August 31, 2014

What I Learned Making a Wedding Cake

I did it.

I made my first wedding cake. Not only did I survive, but the cake did as well (something I'm sure the bride was happy about!). The process was pretty interesting... and I learned quite a bit while doing it.

1. It takes 21 pounds of buttercream frosting to fill and decorate cake for 200 people. That's more than my daughter weighs. In fact, it's about 1.5 Elissas.

2. Making 21 pounds of buttercream frosting takes a long time.

3. When I ask my husband to add up how much of an ingredient I need, I should double-check his math.

He thought I needed 3 dozen eggs and 9 pounds of butter. I actually needed six dozen eggs and about 13 pounds of butter.

(This is why he was the one to go out to the store to buy the extra ingredients.... twice. Okay, fine - three times.)

Sigh. This is what I thought I needed. Too bad my hubby forgot to add ingredients for three of the sheet cakes.

4. You need a lot of refrigerator space to chill and store cake for 200 people. There are a lot of layers involved in the process.

5. After enough time, just looking at strawberry preserves can make you feel sick.

6. Putting edible pearls on a cake is pretty much as annoying you think it would be. And they end up everywhere. I think we'll still be finding shiny little beads in our kitchen five years from now.

7. Speaking of annoying - there are all kinds of little idiosyncrasies involved in making a wedding cake that you don't find out until doing it. Like buttercream cracking. And moving one tier on top of the next. And then realizing there's a quarter-inch gap between the layers since the layer is on a cardboard round. (My problem-solving skills were really put to the test this weekend!)

8. Spiderman likes applejuice. And he sweats. 
The bride wanted a fondant Spidey tucked in the back of the cake. Little did I realize that the fat in the buttercream was going to make this "super"hero sweat buckets. 

9. All-nighters just aren't as easy as they once were. 

10. When you have a fully finished wedding cake in the back of a car, 20mph seems like 100mph.

Brayden really wanted to drive the cake to Old Town.

11. It was actually pretty fun seeing the cake come together. 

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