Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Case of the Missing Cookie Dough

(Warning: explicit language)

Whenever I make cookie dough my husband eats some of it a lot of it. In fact, last time he was out of town, I made cookies and was able to get an entire extra sheet out of the same recipe. He eats so much of the dough that he actually gets sick. And yet, he still does it each and every time I make cookies.

This time, I decided I was going to hide it from him.

(I had already tried telling him that I needed to throw the batch away because I accidentally used sugar instead of flour. I think he believed me at first, but when I didn't toss it, he quickly decided I was lying)

I finished up the batter just before I had to nurse Elissa and put her to sleep. I took the bowl of cookie dough upstairs with me to get her pajamas (which immediately set off red flags for Lauren who began bellowing out "where are you going with that???"). He thought I was going upstairs to hide it... so naturally, on my way down, I quietly tucked it in a box right next to the couch.

I nursed Elissa then went into the bathroom where Lauren was giving Brayden a bath. We chatted for a few minutes, then I went downstairs to bake my cookies.

This is what I found:

Really? He scoured the house looking for where I put the cookie dough??? More than HALF the dough was missing! I bolted upstairs, and opened the bathroom door and found my hubby rubbing his belly and trying desperately to contain his manic laughter. I may have called him a fat ass (and my toddler may have repeated me) as Lauren hysterically laughed at me.

Brayden got out of the tub and we started tucking him in. Lately, he's been wanting me to make up stories (usually about Mickey Mouse). That night, Brayden heard a story about Goofy becoming so fat and greedy that Mrs. Goofy didn't want to hang out with him anymore. He also heard one about how Minnie was mad at Mickey and how he had to be extra nice to her to make things better.

Through the entire thing, I was laughing and Lauren was hysterically wheezing with laughter. On my way out of Brayden's room, Lauren says, "By the way - the rest of the cookie dough is over the oven."


That's the last time I try to hide cookie dough from him. He has some kind of ninja fifth-sense about it. Geez.

This is how much I thought he ate. It really was NOT outside the realm of possibility.

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