Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lock and Lunge

Our deceiving sweet 8-month old has a signature move. We've named it the "Lock and Lunge" and it truly epitomizes her personality.

She scans her surroundings until she spots "it" (whatever "it" happens to be at the moment - a television remote, an electrical wire...). You can immediately identify the moment when she sees it. Her eyes grow wide with this crazy animalistic predator-vs-prey look in them (ignore the fact that the predator is wearing pink bows and frilly skirts). She locks onto the object with this insane focus and immediately lunges her entire body towards the object.

After the initial lunge, she does everything humanly possible to obtain it. Things we didn't realize she could do. Things she didn't realize she could do. To top it all off, she does. not. give. up. A few days ago, I put a plastic bag on the couch. She locked on, was at the couch in half a second, pulled herself up, and then tried to scale the furniture to get it. Of course, physics doesn't work that way, so she fell. But she tried a dozen more times before I finally got up and moved the bag. (Part of me wanted to see how long she would keep at it but I just couldn't do that to such a sweet little girl.) The lock and lunge (and subsequent pursuit) is an extremely common part of our day here. If she sees something she wants, she just doesn't know how to ignore it.

She certainly inherited an interesting combination of Mommy and Daddy - Mommy's focus and hard work with Daddy's stubbornness. Brayden wasn't like this; he inherited Daddy's impatience so he often gets frustrated if he can't do something right away. It doesn't take much for him to break down and move on to something else. Elissa doesn't understand the concept of giving up.

What's funny is how ingrained this is to her personality. I kept a pregnancy journal this time around (writing just a paragraph or two each week). In it, I wrote (to her):

"I love that I'm starting to get an idea of your personality. I feel like you’re a very kind, sweet baby who is active, focused and determined. You definitely don’t seem high-strung or off-the-walls, but you’re not so mellow that you just lay around all day. You’re a kicker… but in a gentle way. You move around quite a bit (which makes me feel like you’re like your mother – focused and always having to be doing something or working towards something!)."

I love watching how her personality develops. It doesn't change - it just shows itself in different ways. I love seeing how she uses that determination and focus, or how crazy she gets in order to accomplish her goals.

We're a family of crazy. And Elissa truly fits right in. :)

Don't underestimate this seemingly sweet and innocent little girl.
She lives up to Daddy's assessment of her: a total spitfire. 

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