Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mr. November

Say hello to the good-looking gentleman you'll soon be staring at as Mr. November in this year's fireman's calendar.

Likes: Dalmatians, curling up with a good book and hunting for garbage trucks.

Dislikes: Overripe bananas and being told "no."

Motto: "I'm a goofball!" (stated repeatedly throughout the day)

Ideal date: Riding a train all night long (let's channel Dr. Cooper for this one) while eating yogurt and listening to Raffi. (Bonus points if Legos are allowed at the table)

Status: Women are quite attracted to this one. He has a much older woman who chases him around all day long (and who cooks and cleans for him!) and a much younger woman who is always trying to get her hands on him. Though technically unattached, he has been known to profess his love for the girl next door.

His Angle: The CHARMER. This little boy knows really knows how to lay it on thick. Last week, as Mommy came downstairs dressed for date night, he ran up to her and stroked her dress, saying "Mommy looks cute today!" with a giant grin on his face. It doesn't end with compliments though.
Just this weekend, Mama was upset with him for misbehaving. She asked, "Do you know why I'm sad?" After he answered her correctly, he turned around, gave her a big hug, grabbed her face and planted a big kiss on her lips. "Mommy happy now!" he said as he ran off to play. After seeing the smile it brought to her face, he decided to try the tactic again a couple days later. When one of his requests was refused yesterday, instead of crying or begging, he resorted to kissing -- and asking again... ever-so-sweetly. Though he didn't get his way, the incident just shows how much trouble this guy can be.

Why he'll drive you crazy: He'll throw tantrums if you give him the wrong colored fork and has no inner dialogue. He's also been known to practice for the Olympic long jump... while naked.

Why you'll love him: He's polite, always cleans up after himself, and has an infectious smile that is sure to brighten your day. He's also been known to practice for the Olympic long jump... while naked. ;)

Bottom line: As long as you don't mind occasional meltdowns or listening to a play-by-play of all the fun you're having, he's definitely a keeper.

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