Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Fun Dad

I always tell people that one of my favorite things about my awesome hubby is how much fun he is. Though I can't stand admitting it to him when he's fishing for laughter (and he fishes pretty hard), he's hilarious. Truly. He's brought so much laughter and fun into my life -- and now he's doing the same for our kids. I love watching him with Brayden (and now Elissa). The kids are so excited by his presence, always laughing and smiling at his ridiculous antics. It's a formula that works. Kids want to be amused. Lauren wants an audience.

Brayden wanted to play on the cushions. Lauren ended up stealing the show.

Although he's destined to be "the fun dad," his antics have a pretty wide range of diversity. He provides entertainment ranging from wildly amusing to obscenely inappropriate (for both his two-year-old son and his 31-year-old wife).

Some recent notable moments from my son's "fun dad"...

Old McDonald

I already blasted my husband for teaching Brayden the wrong animal noises (who doesn't know that a sheep says "baa"?). This error was just the beginning of farmyard fun, though. During Elissa's bath time, Lauren noticed she had a particular fascination with clucking noises. For some reason, pictures of chickens and clucking noises made her crack up (yep - the "weird gene" runs strong in this family). Not only did the clucking noises become more elaborate (and ear-splitting), but other animals suddenly started mimicking chickens. Pretty much anything that resembles a bird now clucks. Including peacocks.

Vulgar Bedtime Stories (formerly known as "he doesn't understand what I'm saying")

Lauren often gets bored while reading bedtime stories to Brayden. If my husband thinks Brayden isn't paying attention, he ad-libs the text and adds in his own (incredibly inappropriate) storyline. It used to be sort of funny. But now that Brayden is old enough to understand, it drives me insane. Despite Daddy adamantly believing otherwise, I kept telling Lauren that his son could understand all these terrible things he was saying. Finally, one day last week, we hit a turning point. Lauren was "reading" all about what Minnie Mouse gave to Mickey. To make a point, I stopped Lauren and said, "what did Minnie give to Mickey, Brayden?" And he repeated it. Verbatim. (Now will you stop with the inappropriateness, darling??)

Breakfast Theater

Earlier this week, Brayden woke up in a grumpy mood. While we were having breakfast, he started to meltdown. I usually go for the distraction method in these circumstances, so I grabbed a few of his nearby stuffed animals and had them talk to each other. Although Brayden was watching with some interest, Lauren was very unimpressed with my performance. He took the two toys (one was Mickey, the other was a dog dressed as a pirate) and started this elaborate theatrical performance. It was a full-on three-act play. He added voices with accents, storylines and plot twists and even character development. And of course, it was a hysterical play. Brayden sat there for the 10 minutes mesmerized - just staring. (Admittedly, this was one of the most hilarious things I've seen in a really long time.)

Lauren and I often talk about how we value experiences over possessions. Our disposable income doesn't go towards fancy cars, designer clothes or expensive toys. It goes towards vacations, sporting events, plays and the like. Life is made up of experiences. Experiences are what you look back on fondly, what you remember, what you cherish. They're the stories that change you and stay with you forever. The stories you tell other people with a happy and full heart. And I love the fact that Lauren is giving his family so many amazing experiences and memories. He adds so much joy and laughter into our lives. I'm a lucky, lucky wife to have this crazy character by my side. (I'll just have to remind the kids about this when they're in middle school and find these same antics mortifying)

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