Wednesday, January 7, 2015

11 Months

This adorable little girl is 11 months old now and is at such a fun age. Milestones are coming quickly and she seems to learn new things every day. A few recent talents she's been enjoying include holding out whatever treasure she found and grunting/cooing/squealing so we take notice of her accomplishment, pointing at things, mimicking her brother's silly noises, and making animal sounds when we read Dear Zoo (so far, she will - quietly - make the elephant, lion and camel noises). She is also quite the mischief maker. You really can't let her out of your sight for a second. If you do, she's into something or halfway up the stairs by the time you've turned back around. And as you start walking over to the stairs to pick her up, she turns around, gives you a huge smile... and races up the rest of the stairs at twice the pace. ♥

Even though experienced parents know not to put much stock in the growth charts for babies or toddlers (I've lost count of the number of babies who were super short and shot up later on, or who were super "tall" and slowed down), I still get a kick out of her stats. Most recently, Miss Elissa was around the 20th percentile for weight and the 80-85th percentile for height. The weight cracks me up considering what a garbage disposal this girl is. She undoubtedly eats more than Brayden each day and never turns away an additional helping. It's sort of like having a dog around who you give leftovers to. (Yep. I just compared my daughter to a dog. Watch her eat and you'll understand.)

Overall, Elissa is doing superb. She battled a runny nose last week (it was just the second time she's ever been sick so Daddy and I were pretty heartsore about it) but is back to her smiley and mischief-making self again. Since Brayden will be attending preschool twice a week (starting tomorrow!), Mommy and baby girl will have some special quality time together. Elissa is all set for some Gymboree classes that start this week. Considering what a social butterfly this one is, I'm sure she'll just eat it up. :)

From top left: (1) Miss Elissa smiley in Florida, (2) climbing into the dog food cabinet, (3) getting into Mommy's crafts, (4) doing aerobics on cousin Ty's Christmas toy, (5) giving me the "talk to the hand" look while I make her lunch (I have no idea how she got her leg out of there!), (6) racing up the stairs, (7) a quick pause for a smile, (8) deciding that Brayden's sippycup looked so delicious she would contort herself to get some, (9) riding the rails with Daddy in Florida

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