Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Birthday Tea Party (& Photos)

It's been a crazy couple of weeks (it feels like I'm always saying that!). My baby girl turned ONE this month and we had a great little party to celebrate. Although there was supposed to actually be tea at her tea party, daddy decided that with so many little toddlers running around, it might not be the best idea. 

With or without tea, the party was a lovely celebration of my daughter's first year. We had a great time with all the friends and family who could make it.

Birthday morning!

What will Elissa be when she grows up? If the "fortune telling" game is any indication, she'll be a scientist! :)
Elissa went right to the scientist item (the lightbulb) but was also somewhat interested in the medical item. 

Opening presents with Daddy. We're not a fan of "girly" gifts over here, but the Raggedy Ann doll was an exception. :)

Reading a birthday book with Daddy. ♥ This little angel just ADORES reading!

Party time!

Mommy's attempt at tea cup sugar cookies

I think Brayden ate about three of these sweet little sandwiches. :)

I finally got to make a birthday cake for my own daughter! :)

Mommy and Brayden at the cookie decorating table

Grandma and Elissa checking out the cookie decorating

The birthday girl ♥

An exhausted but happy little girl with her Grandma

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